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Culinary experience in Isfahan

Although Isfahan is notable for its monuments and handicrafts, any tourist can claim that has known this city without memorable eating and drinking experiences. Culinary experience in Isfahan

The most of food originally come from Isfahan have a taste of sour-sweet which is very popular amongst Iranians. Generally speaking, this city is the best place for food lovers who like to gain memorable gastronomic experiences in Iran. There are several streets and public places in which you can walk, buy a drink or amount of local food to taste. And Naghshe jahaan square in Isfahan is the best place to satisfy such a purpose. Culinary experience in Isfahan  

This square is very famous for its warm and welcoming atmosphere and as a food traveler you can find best Doogh or ayran there. In addition you can buy a light Iranian tiffin such as Gooshfil (a kind of sweet), Khoresh e maast. Culinary experience in Isfahan 

Location and food

Since Isfahan is an architectural city with weird churches and bridges to visit, the atmosphere of restaurants is important. Especially because they have been rebuilt or added in recent years. Besides, the deserts and beverages you try are not the same as those were used to be 10 years ago. New ice-creams like “hasrat olmolook”, “aminol zarb” are the best examples of memorable drinks experience in Isfahan.

Khoresh e maast is a kind of stew made of yogurt, meat, sugar and saffron
Khoresh e maast is a kind of stew made of yogurt, meat, sugar and saffron

And some of the best restaurants worthy of eating are: “Jaarchi bashi”, “havance”, “Jolfa” and “dehdashti” that all of them have been converted from ordinary houses, public baths to stylish restaurants. Having said that, inhabitants have changed the usage of these places in a proper way as the main part of culinary attractions in Isfahan. Culinary experience in Isfahan

Food specialties

Food specialties in Isfahan are various. You can have Halim badenjan which is of eggplants, onions and meat either as amuse-bouche or dinner at night. However, people eat foods like Adasi (a mixture of lentils and onions) or Halim shir (milk and meat) for breakfast.

Nevertheless, meals for launch are more substantial. Although meals like “Gheime rize nokhodchi”, “Yakhni torosh”, “Kashk e badenjan”, “Aush e shole ghalam kaar’’, “Koofte shivid baghali”, “Goosht o loobia” and “Kabab Hosseini” are listed in the menu of the restaurants, Beryan is the most favorite and famous specialty in this city. Beryan is very delicious but very high-calorie and fatty food, though it is always tasteful with fresh and raw vegetables. As a part of culinary attractions of Isfahan, we recommend that you have Beryan at least once. There are 3 excellent eating houses which are well-known for cooking the best Beryan in Isfahan:

“Haj mahmood shafa’at”, “A’azam” and “Reyhoon”.

Culinary experience in Isfahan
Culinary experience in Isfahan

For those who are looking for a vegetarian dish, “Kashk e badenjan” is the best choice. Iranians are used to eat this dish as a starter, that’s the amount of it is not considerable. However, vegetarians can ask the chef to serve more in the dish.

Drink a cup of coffee in Isfahan

Although nowadays different kinds of tea are the major hot beverage throughout Iran, drinking coffee has been common since the Safavid era. Walking along the tiled pavement of Jolfa Street, as foreign tourists in Iran, you can find a large number of coffee shops such as “Ani café” or “Radio café” in Chahar Baagh Street where you can drink excellent coffees. Culinary experience in Isfahan 

Gaz” and “Poolaki” are special sweets of Isfahan which the process of preparation is a culinary attraction
Gaz” and “Poolaki” are special sweets of Isfahan which the process of preparation is a culinary attraction

Gourmet souvenir items

Eating with tea, “Gaz” and “Poolaki” are special sweets of Isfahan which the process of preparation has been recently turned into a culinary attraction, since some shops let foreign tourists watch how these sweets are made.

To know which Gaz is worthy to buy, it is necessary to pay attention to manufacturing/expiration date, as well as the percentage of applied pistachio which are visible on the boxes. The more a box of Gaz has pistachio, the more it is pleasant!Culinary experience in Isfahan

It is important to know that there are different famous brands in producing Gaz and Poolaki; amongst them, Kermani and Antique are the market leaders.

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