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Read about the most famous Iranian ice cream

If Italy is proud of its colorful round tasty ice cream, Iranians have noble feelings about their traditional ice creams included Faloodeh. Because Faloodeh is the most famous Iranian ice cream!

The Origin

Faloodeh is one of the earliest illustrious cold desserts, dating back to 400 BC in Persia. Naming Fallodeh remind all Iranians of  Shiraz, while you can find other variations in other countries in the Middle East. This sweetly fragrant ice cream has the consistency of a granite or slushy with the other texture of chewy noodles. It is a unique combination and wonderfully sensory eating experience for those who are in love with ice cream.

It is believed that Mughals, who ruled in India from 16th to 18th century, created a cold drink called Falooda which was later turned into the today’s cold dessert.
Although you could find similar dishes in other countries, it counts mostly as an originally Iranian desert and various types of it are highly popular among the people. the most famous Iranian ice cream

the most famous Iranian ice cream
the most famous Iranian ice cream

Types of Faloodeh

Faloodeh Shirazi: The most famous Faloodeh is Faloodeh Shirazi, originally is created in Shiraz in the south of Iran. It is the most popular kind of Faloodeh among Iranians. You can eat it either sweet or sour. The accompanying syrup is from rose water, lemon juice, eglantine essence, cherry sorbet, or, all of them together!
Faloodeh Kermani: you can find and eat this type in Kerman, Iran. The difference between this type and Shirazian one is the form and shape of the noodles. The shirazian ones are long and fine while Kermanian ones are round and like small marbles. you can also order your Faloodeh with rose water or mint essence. However, you could use chia seeds or the seedling of the willow if you like. the most famous Iranian ice cream

– Faloodeh Yazdi: This one is from Yazd! Yazdian serve Faloodeh with the seeds of fennel, rose water or the thick syrup of grapes, however, we highly recommend you to eat Faloodeh with lemon juice or cherry sorbet.

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