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Ramadan in Iran

How Iran looks like during Ramadan or let’s take a look at Ramadan in Iran

Depending on the itinerary of your journey, you should consider different issues to make the most of your trip. However, the most challenging time for a visitor to Iran is traveling here during Ramadan.
Ramadan is the ninth month in lunar calendar which lasts either 29 or 30 days. During this month, Muslims fast everyday believing that this practice purifies their souls and helps them to get better people. They wake up before dawn to have some food as a meal called “sahari”. Once the morning Adan finishes, the fasting period starts. It continues until the sunset, when they break the fast by having “Iftari”. Ramadan in Iran

Eating and drinking

You may wonder what people have for these two meals. Actually, it is pretty common to have cooked food for “sahari” because people need to have enough calories in daytime.

They also drink lots of water to make sure that dehydration won’t harms their kidneys or make them too thirsty. When it comes to iftari, they prefer to start with dates and a cup of tea. And then have the main course they have already prepared. Ramadan in Iran

Ramadan in Iran
Ramadan in Iran

From sahari until iftari, Muslims do not drink, eat or smoke. They must also have good intentions and avoid any type of disrespectful, sinful or dishonest behavior. Ramadan in Iran 

The important point about Ramadan’s rituals is that they are practiced in public. In other words, you are free to do whatever you desire as long as you are in your personal territory. However, once you step out of that zone and enter public places like street, remember that the real practice has begun. This means you shouldn’t eat or drink. Ramadan in Iran 

You find it even more surprising when you realize that you cannot find even one restaurant which serves cooked food.

Even though, there are some stores where you can buy cold food like a sandwich. but bear in mind that you had better have it where nobody is able to see you. More than being illegal, it is disgraceful and unexpected to eat and drink in public. In fact, morally speaking eating & drinking during Ramadan is an inconsiderate act where the majority of inhabitants are Muslims. Ramadan in Iran 

special sweets such as Zolbia & Bamiye

Special night life during Ramadan in Iran

One noteworthy issue related to Ramadan is the three special nights during this month; 19th, 21th and 23th. According to a verse, God inspired the Quran to Prophet Muhammad, on one of these three nights, known as “Ghadr”. Moreover, they coincide with the martyrdom of Imam Ali, Shiite’s first Imam; so people get together in a place, hold the Quran on their heads and pray until “sahari” time. That’s why they start work a couple of hours later than other days. Muslims believe that on one of these nights, God decide for the fate and destiny of each and every person which makes it a perfect time to ask for God’s forgiveness and wish for a lucky year.

Why do I like Ramadan?

After all, you might have judged that there is no point in visiting Iran during the holy month of Ramadan. However, you may want to reconsider, as despite all the dos and don’ts, traveling in Iran, especially in Tehran and other metropolitan areas, provides you with an incredible and unique experience of nightlife. You can go to restaurants any time at night and try Iranian or fast foods. You can go to a theatre or watch an Iranian movie in one of the Cineplex’s in the city, go to a swimming pool, enjoy music festivals in grand parks etc. It is also possible for you to take a walk and get some cool fresh air, or just stand on a street corner and watch people enjoy a very specific night life in this country. Ramadan in Iran 

On the other side, travelling to Iran during Ramadan is quit cheap as it is the low season across the country. Besides, all travelers can eat and drink in the hotels, despite the fact that it is against the unwritten lows to do so during this month. However, be careful about the working- time of museums, UNESCO world heritage sites and other places you have arranged to visit before. Ramadan in Iran 

travelling to Iran during Ramadan
travelling to Iran during Ramadan

Another encouraging aspect of travelling into Iran is special meals during this month. There are some special sweets such as Zolbia & Bamiye which you can find it everywhere in every single city or village during Ramadan. Another delicious meal is Halim which is made by meat, wheat, oil and other ingredients and is served in all restaurants.
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As a conclusion if you have already planned your trip to come into Iran, don’t hesitate. It’s cheaper and as adventurous as other times, other months.

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