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Gahar Lake, one of the best natural attractions in Iran 

Gahar Lake is a small and closed but extraordinarily beautiful lake located in the heart of mountains. It is surly one of the best natural attractions in Lorestan which is situated in the west of Iran.

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The water of the lake comes from a snow-covered mountain called Oshtorankooh and it has high-level water throughout the year. natural attractions in Iran 

The Lake has consisted of 2 lakes. The whole lake is also estimated to have been created in the Jurassic period. The larger and more eye-catching lake has 1700 meters length, 400-800 meters Width and 4-28 meters Height. And it hosts 70,000 tourists per year. natural attractions in Iran

Gahar Lake
Gahar Lake

Since it is in the mountains, foreign tourists in Iran need to ask some good leaders for accompanying them. Visiting this lake is quite a mountain climbing! Especially because the roads leading to the Lake are so narrow that cars can’t pass there.

Instead of a long driving away, foreign tourists would rather go mountaineering which is a 2-3 days camping pleasant trip. natural attractions in Iran

natural attractions in Iran
natural attractions in Iran

Although on the way of the Gahar Lake, there are some facilities such as toilettes, accessible water, several shops around the lake etc, depending on how many days you are going to camp there, the stuff you take with you differs. However, be careful about having a moisturizer, a sun cream, swimsuit, also all your personal essentials like medicines. natural attractions in Iran

Best seasons

Throughout springs and summers are the best time to camp on the Gahar Lake. During these seasons, the weather is absolutely fine and you can swim or go fishing (except for fish mating season). Domestic or foreign tourists can take a day trip to visit it during falls. However, during winters, the snow is heavy and it’s so freezing cold that the lake’s surface is frozen. natural attractions in Iran

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