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Iranian lifestyle

Catch a glimpse of Iran

Iran, famous for its cattish map, is a country in the Middle East. It is the 17th largest, 18th-most-populous and 7th oldest country in the world. Since Iran has the common borders with Iraq and their pronunciation is the same, this country is usually mistaken with this recent country. However, they differ completely from each other, with different characters, culture and historical back ground.

Iran It is the 17th largest and 7th oldest country in the world
Iran It is the 17th largest and 7th oldest country in the world

Geographical location

Known as Persia in ancient history until 1935, with a population of 80 million is the largest country in the Middle East. It also has the advantage of having 4 seasons. Since Iran is a temperate country it’s an asset for tourists, either Iranians, or forging tourists to travel to this country. Here are the facts of the claim:

Caspian Sea is located in the north of Iran as well as jungles and a chain of mountains.

Persian Gulf is situated in the south. An area in which tourists can dive and see fantastic rare marine species, swim or sunbath in the middle of cold winters.

Catch a glimpse of Iran
Catch a glimpse of Iran

Since Iran is a multi-cultural country, there are a various type of language, customs and clothes in different cities. 

Get a visa to go into Iran

For instance, in the honor of Nowruz, people of north, south, east or west have their own way of celebrating. They have their specific recipe and their particular music, habiliment and traditions. Therefore, you don’t see a repetitive type of clothing, nor eat the same food you’ve eaten before in another city.

About Iran
About Iran

However, we have an official language called “Persian” or “Farsi” and the official religion of the country is Islam. However, you can find a rich variety of dialects, languages and religions from north to south. just like what you are going to experience about Iranian substantial meals.

Iran has exactly 1148 cities. Although Tehran, the capital of the country is the first and the biggest city in this country. Our country has many cities not only as big as Tehran but also older, more beautiful and interesting than that. Obvious examples are Shiraz, Isfahan, Yazd, Kashan, Hamedan, Shoush, Kermanshah, Kerman….

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