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Iranians are not common people

You may have heard that Iran is a strange country and Iranians are not common people. Today I am going to confirm this claim, although other notes and travel journals will approve it as well.

Before I reminisce about visiting Shiraz, I must mention that Iran’s society has always been religious, conservative and traditional even before the revolution. Since 1977, the hard liners imposed severe limitations on people. And as fines and unpleasant consequences may arise by transcending the limitations, we’re really conscious about things like drinking wine. It means we do whatever we would like but in private and don’t let others understand, sometimes including our parents.  Iranians wine of Shiraz

Anyway, I’d heard stories about the beauty of Shiraz, peaceable citizens, its meals, deserts etc before I visited the city. But what really shocked me, was the flexible manner and free spirit of Shiraz’s inhabitants. Iranians wine of Shiraz

Things that surprised us

The first point that attracted me was the way girls had worn. They walk freely in the streets in a shirt and long skirts. And men are used to see them in those beautiful garments. Iranians wine of Shiraz

In fact, they gave me the courage to wear short shirts and a tight trouser during my stay in Shiraz.

Iranians are not common people
Iranians are not common people

Besides, people were so calm and I didn’t observe even one little argument or fight in the city, while I had never finished a day in Tehran without hearing or having a long discussion. And this jovial mood significantly affect me when my friend and I decided to visit Persepolise, Pasargade and Naqsh-e Rajab. Iranians wine of Shiraz

Due to Takjte jamshid

We called the taxi driver who had picked us up from the rail station of Shiraz. He was almost 55 years old and apparently he was not borne in Shiraz, but Tabriz or another Turkish-language city of Iran. He was neither tall, nor handsome but really kind and talkative for sure. Iranians wine of Shiraz

Since the rout was long and we got tired of listen to the music, he started to talk about his private life.

After 10 minutes it turned out that then 2 years ago, he had met a married woman from Tehran. He also told that they felled in love with each other. He, himself was also married and had kids. But he was not afraid or ashamed of saying that he was still so happy when he thinks about that overwhelming love! Honestly, my friend and I got shocked. These things are not subjects that we would like to talk about in public! Because Apart from the strict rules inside the country, it is against moral issues and loyalty to the family is highly respected and expected by Iranians.

When a taxi driver offered us a glass of wine!

Anyway, we kept talking about love, family, Shiraz, men, women and finally poem. Speaking of poem, led us to poems of Hafez and the famous wine of Shiraz that is present throughout the books of great poets.

wine of Shiraz
wine of Shiraz

In this case, it didn’t suffice for him to just speak about wine! In a flash, he said: I have fine wine of Shiraz in the trunk! Would you like to drink? Iranians wine of Shiraz

I just stared at my friend, she rejected his suggestion, I stayed speechless. However, he got out of the car and came back with 3 little tumblers in his hand alongside a bottle of red wine!

May be he thought with himself that we don’t trust him or we think that he might poison us with that wine, maybe it was his motivation to drink 2 shots of that wine. Maybe he was just in the mood to drink, whatever his reasons were, he drank some of it with no fear to get arrested. So I can conclude that it was not his first time and he knew how to act or treat not getting arrested.

You know, there are not just human activist who criticize my country due to the lack of individual freedoms. Almost all of my compatriots bad-mouth the current situation of the country. However, the truth is that smart people could find a proper way of life.

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