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Gilim, special art and business in Iran

As one of the major arts in Iran, scattered tribes has always practiced weaving during the history. It is the birthplace and origin of numerous other arts which have gradually evolved along with the three important factors of need, necessity and time. Those who are after perfection and beauty can turn to beautiful works of art and find their share of satisfaction in gilims. What is Gilim

The first floor covering was woven with the reeds and plants which grew in the swamps of the lower Mesopotamia. In fact, the background to weaving needs tracing back in weaving of plant stalks and the production of mats by early weavers. The nomad tribes took up and followed Weaving as a technique and tent-dwellers in the Iranian plateau greatly developed and burgeoned this art. As a result, the business and art of gilim owes to these people’s exceptional wit and industry. They managed to create novel designs and wonderful colors and gradually transfer them to cities and other urban areas. What is Gilim 

what is Gilim?
what is Gilim?

Hermitage museum and the Pazyryk area

As important and precious hand-woven fabrics, gilims are, in fact, pileless carpets of cotton or wool threads. What is Gilim 

Floor-coverings, curtains, tents, bed-packing covers, prayer rugs, saddle-bags, cushion and even tablecloths are some of uses of Gilims. Gilims have developed according to each area’s characteristics, its tribal heritage, the taste and thoughts of its people, its culture and artistic background. The artist weaver gives shape to thoughts which have roots in the mature surrounding of her and the songs she hears to create her wonderful artifact- the gilim. What is Gilim 

gilims are pileless carpets of cotton or wool threads
gilims are pileless carpets of cotton or wool threads

The oldest specimen of a gilim in Iran belongs to the Seljuk period. In this gilim you can observe beautiful Kufic script and illustration from the ancient book Kalileh va Demneh. There is a woman in this gilim who has pulled a stripped cover on her. Some of these strips have zigzag design. This particular type of design is reminiscent of gilims in Fars region which were decorative quilts. What is Gilim 

There is an Achaemenid woolen gilim in Hermitage museum woven in the Pazyryk area. On this gilim there are some queens standing in front of fireplaces performing their religious ceremonies. These fireplaces are similar to the fireplaces depicted in front of Darius in the raised figures of Takht-e JamshidWhat is Gilim 

There is also an older specimen in the area which belongs to the Pazyrik rug 350 to 500 BC. in fact the weaving structure lead the specialist to guess so. Besides, it seems that gilims had existed  before rugs as their history probably goes back to 3000 BC. What is Gilim 

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