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Know everything about Tochal sport complex

Since Tehran is situated in the southern slopes of the Alborz Mountain, its view from this mountain is truly breathtaking. Besides, climbing on this mountain peak is very popular and adorable amongst Iranian professional climbers. So let’s know more about Tochal sport complex. 

Other equipments such as chairlift, ski resort, gondola lift and toboggan run, also sport facilities like a tennis court, an archery club, ridding a Zip-line, snowmobile resort as well as natural attractions like cascades and parks have turned this area into an extremely important tourist attraction. In addition, existence of different restaurants, cafes and food courts let domestic and foreign tourists taste a variety of delicious food.

Tochal in Persian means small pond. In fact there are natural lakes and fountains in the Peak of Alborz Mountain. And that’s why people have named the entire complex “Tochal”.

Know everything about Tochal sport complex
Know everything about Tochal sport complex


Whether you are keen on walking or jogging, there is a long-distance footpath which is 2000 meters and starts from parking lot. Knowing as “road of health” it leads towards the first station of the gondola lift in Tochal sportive complex, where ski-fans can take them for doing ski.

By passing rock stairs, you will face a small mountain cave which is near a natural rock fountains. It is at the end of pathway where it ends in the first station of the gondola lift.

In addition, there are 2 giant parks with the necessary facilities and equipments. The first park is 3350 and the second one is measured 2650 Square meters where walkers can enjoy walking. After all, don’t miss a splendid view of Tehran in Bam e Tehran where the entire city is below your feet.

Archery club

As we mentioned earlier, there is an archery club in 1500 square meters in front of the first park in which tourists can practice shooting arrows as well as throwing darts.


The resort’s Zip-line is located in the second park on the way of the road of health. The resort is equipped with extremely safe rock climbing equipments including carabiners, ropes, harnesses and helmets Zoom line that’s 60 meters high and launches riders in a horizontal position take you high over 200 meters.

Know everything about Tochal sport complex
Know everything about Tochal sport complex

Toboggan run

The giant toboggan run in Tehran was designed and found by Wiegand a German company in 2015 and can handle 250 riders per hour. With a length of 1420 meters, it is considered as the longest toboggan run throughout Iran. This toboggan run in Tochal has a TüV certificate so you can trust in its security, since the certification is confirmed by another German company called Technischer Überwachungs-Verein (Technical Inspection Association), provider of inspection and product certification services.

Ski resort

Ski resort in Tochal complex starts at the last station of gondola lift and it is 1200 meters. As a resort, it is not long but it is beautiful and safe. At the 3850 meters high, below Tochal peak is the first snow-covered area across the country in the good condition. Another advantage is that skiers can ski here 8 months of year, from November until June.

All Tochal ski resort advantages

  • A quick access to the city centre
  • A deep sense of security
  • The privilege of using a cheap hotel with 27 rooms
  • Having chairlift and ski lift
  • Qualified ski instructors
  • Riding snowmobile in deep snow
  • Gondola lifts for transporting ski fans

Gondola lift

Facilities like gondola lift help skiers to get transported easily and fast in the ski resort of Tochal. Two famous companies Doppelmayr Garaventa Group and Puma, respectively from Austria and France have constructed this resort. This gondola lift in Tehran has 7500 meters and it can handle 600 passengers per hour. The existence of the gondola lift in Tochal is very essential. Why? Because there are ski resorts and one long pass for climbers and this complex host a great number of sportspeople every day. Besides, weather you are a climber or a skier, you can get off the lift wherever you would like to ascend or descend.

Know everything about Tochal sport complex
Know everything about Tochal sport complex

 Riding snowmobiles

Enthusiasts of exciting activities also can meet their taste in Tochal complex. There is a snowmobile resort with about 2 kilometers long.

Mountain climbing

Since the access to the Tochal peak in Tehran is easy, Tochal sport complex is the most popular place for mountaineering. In fact, the pass is suitable for both professionals and amateurs. Having said that, if as a foreigner would like to scale the peak, ask for a professional help especially during falls and winters. It is potentially dangerous if you are not familiar with the pass.

Tennis court and club

Men and women who love tennis can register in this club to play tennis.

Baam e Tehran

Baam e Tehran is in the end of Velenjak Street. It is the most popular part of tochal complex as it gives a wonderful and clear view of the capital of Iran.

Know everything about Tochal sport complex
Know everything about Tochal sport complex

Meal time

Since a variety of restaurants exist in Tochal sport complex, you don’t need to go somewhere else to have your launch, desert, coffee or dinner. Whether you are an Iranian food fan, or your own national food, you find a proper restaurant.

here are exact places you have access to a restaurant or coffee shop:

In the entrance of the complex

Near the archery club

Throughout Pathway

Nearby fountain and the cave

In the Baam e Tehran

On the way of gondola lift, in every single station in the ski resort

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