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What to eat in Shiraz?

People of Shiraz are very patient and pleasant companions and food of Shiraz is superb and tasty. They often prefer to go to nature with their families and have a good time together. If you travel to Shiraz, you will find a lot of families having tea or dinner in the parks during the evenings laughing and having fun together.

Aush-e sabzi (herbs and vegetable pottage) is the staple breakfast in Shiraz. Yogurt and dates are also inseparable parts of their meals.

If you pay close attention to their food recipes, you understand that rice is the main ingredient of their meals. The second interesting point about food of Shiraz is that people use meatballs (koofteh rizeh) instead of sliced meat. food of shiraz

During the falls, fresh lime is present beside every dish and people are less likely to use processed lime juices.

In the evenings, lettuce, and pickles (instead of Sekanjabin, pickling liquid is used) are served in their gatherings. They enjoy simple comestibles such as lettuce and pickles while being together.

Kalam Polo of Shiraz (pilaf and Kohlrabi)

Kalam Polo of Shiraz is one of the most delicious and popular dishes of Shiraz, which is completely different from what is cooked in other cities of Iran. The cook use Kohlrabi, ground beef, herbs, and gram flour In order to prepare this dish. food of shiraz 

food of shiraz

Shekar Polo of Shiraz (pilaf and sugar)

Shekar Polo is a kind of sweet pilaf which has sugar syrup, rice, saffron, and sliced almond in it. To prepare this dish, first you need to steam-cook the rice with turmeric on the stove. Then, before cooking is complete, you need putting it on a tray and add the mixture of sugar syrup and saffron. Finally, put the rice back in the pot again for more steam-cooking. Shekar Polo which originally belongs to Shiraz is often served with Gheimeh stewfood of shiraz

Polo Esfandi

Polo Esfandi is a nutritious food in Fars province and the residents of Abadeh County mostly cook it. People usually prepare this tasty dish in the early Esfand (March) annually. They use lentils, beans, chickpea, mung bean, clove powder, spices of pilaf, onion, mutton with bones, rice, barley, wheat, black pepper, butter, salt, animal fats and oils in it. food of shiraz

Shirazi polo or Tahchin of chicken and eggplant

Shirazi polo is the favorite dish of the residents of Shiraz who cook it in their own special way. People prepare this nutritious and delicious food of rice, eggplant, chicken, yogurt, egg, and cumin.

Havij polo (Carrot Pilaf) with meat

Havij polo is one of the energy-rich foods made of carrot, meat, and rice. For using carrots and sugar to fry carrots, it has a sweet taste.

Havij polo of Shiraz is cooked with meatballs, and it is delicious indeed.

Shirazi salad

Along with these unique delicious foods, there is always a kind a  side dish which makes the eating experience more pleasant. One of the famous salads of Shiraz is the Shirazi salad which is beside most Iranian dishes. Having lifelong fans, the ingredients of Shirazi salad are tomato, cucumber, onion, dried mint leaves, and lime juice.

food of shiraz
food of shiraz

Koofteh Geshniz (Coriander dumplings) of Shiraz

Koofteh Geshniz is a distinct and delicious food. People of Shiraz make it of ingredients such as coriander, egg, flour, ground meat, rice, tomato, etc.

The flavor of this dish is different from others, and its main ingredient is coriander that is added to the materials in several stages. Try it in Shiraz, because in other cities in Iran, you cannot find such delicious food.

Aush-e Anar (Pomegranate pottage) of Shiraz

Aush-e Anar is cooked in other cities of Iran as well, like Yazd. However, you would taste it in Shiraz with a completely different flavor.

Its rich look and sweet-and-sour taste tempt every tourist to experience it once and suggest it to others.

food of shiraz
food of shiraz

Halim Bademjan (Eggplant Halim)

One of the common foods on the table of the Iranian people and in their gathering parties is Halim Bademjan. This food is one of the traditional dishes of Shiraz that ladies in Shirazi have particular skill to cook it.

They use meat, navy bean, eggplant, walnut, fried dried mint leaves, fried onion, and Kashk in Halim Bademjan.

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