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Get a visa to go into Iran

There are different ways to get an Iranian visa. You first should decide if you like to apply for an Iranian visa by your own, you are willing to have it done by a travel agency or you would like to get it on arrival. Here are the all ways to get a visa to visit Persia, as well as requirements and other important points to pay attention to.


No matter what way you chose to get your visa, you have to hand over all these documents to the authorities.

  • The Passport with empty pages and the validity of more than 6 months. Also a scanned or a copy of the first page of your passport
  • Travel Insurance is the first document you need to present to Iranian authorities to get a tourist visa. No matter which kind of visa you are applying for. Authorities will validate and stamp your printout of your insurance at the airport if you chose VOA type.
  • Accommodation: Your hotel reservation at least for the first night of your stay in Iran is obligatory. If you have an invitation, the name, the telephone number and the address of your host would be enough. If you like to apply for VOA, it is a good idea to carry a printout of an email from the hotel confirming your reservation, although this latter is rarely asked.
  • Application form which you have downloaded and filled it out before.
  • Two passport sized photos: It has been observed in some cases that women could get a visa with the photos their hair is uncovered however, we recommend you not to take the risk which end up with wasting your time. Instead, it would be better to hand over a photo with scarf.Get a visa to going into Iran

    Get a visa to going into Iran
    Get a visa to going into Iran

Read here about female dressing codes in Iran

  • Tariffs: The requisite fee is an amount of money you have to pay to get an authorization number. According to the way you get your visa, this fee varies. The amount is higher if you chose VOA. It also depends on your nationality. You can find all details about the Iran’s visa fee in the tables below.
Row Country Price for Iran visa on arrival Row Country Price for Iran visa on arrival
1 New Zealand 150 € 18 Lithuania-Malta-Norway 75 €
2 Australia 145 € 19 Ghana – Qatar – Cuba – Gabon – Guinea 75 €
3 Sierra Leone- Chile 120 € 20 Russia-Uzbekistan-Argentina 70 €
4 UAE-Uganda-Chad-Vietnam 100 € 21 Zambia-Mongolia-Moldavia 70 €
5 China – Taiwan 100 € 22 Japan-Turkmenistan-Guyana 60 €
6 Serbia 85 € 23 Cameroon-Kenya-Kuwait 60 €
7 South Africa – Ukraine 80 € 24 Madagascar-Malawi-El Salvador 60 €
8 Brazil-Hong Kong 80 € 25 Philippines-Panama-Fiji-Nigeria 55 €
9 Germany-Austria-Spain 75 € 26 South Korea – Croatia 50 €
10 Italy-Ireland-Bulgaria-Greece 75 € 27 Macedonia-Buskerish-Kazakhstan 50 €
11 Poland-Hungary-Belgium 75 € 28 Paraguay-Senegal 50 €
12 Sweden-Switzerland-Portugal 75 € 29 Indonesia – Tunisia – Zimbabwe – Kyrgyzstan – Mexico – Niger – Venezuela – Palestine 45 €
13 Netherlands-Romania-Denmark 75 € 30 Sri Lanka – Ecuador – Nepal – Yemen – Eritrea 40 €
14 Thailand-Singapore-Oman 75 € 31 Belarus 25 €
15 France-Finland-Cyprus 75 € 32 Tajikistan – Algeria – Butan – Morocco – Libya –      Egypt (more than 20 days) – Saudi Arabia 30 €
16 Iceland-Slovenia-Estonia-Slovakia 75 € 33 Armenia-Bahrain – Malaysia (more than 15 days) 10 €
17 Czech-Latvian-Luxembourgish 75 €


Requested Price for Iran visa in the embassy


1 Afghanistan 35$ 15 Lebanon 54$
2 Armenia 81$ 16 Mexico 56$
3 Austria 70$ 17 Netherlands 70$
4 Bangladesh 35$ 18 Nigeria 56$
5 Canada 63$ 19 Pakistan 24$
6 China 59$ 20 Philippines 70$
7 Croatia 52$ 21 Russia 87$
8 Egypt 35$ 22 South Korea 42$
9 France 70$ 23 Sri Lanka 15$
10 Germany 70$ 24 Syria 17$
11 Greece 56$ 25 Switzerland 50$
12 India 59$ 26 Tanzania 50$
13 Japan 70$ 27 U.K 119$
14 Kuwait 59$ 28 U.S.A 91$

By your own

In the case you have enough time and are ready to do lots of paper work, you can go directly through an Iranian consulate in the capital of your country. By applying for a visa on your own, you will save for sure an agency fee but you have to wait at least three weeks longer. All you need to hand over the embassy is exactly the same requirements that we had mentioned above.

Anyway, after some weeks the embassy will contact to inform you the result. If 3 weeks passed and you don’t hear from them, you need to contact them and ask them the reason or remind them that you are in hurry. If all goes well, you should pick up the visa personally or have your passport returned. As exceptions exist, it is possible that weeks after submission the consul ask you to go to a visa agency and get the visa authorization number. As a result, if you still like to apply for an Iranian visa personally, give yourself at least six weeks to have it.

Get a visa to going into Iran

  • Go to a visa Agency

To apply a visa for Iran via an agency, you need to ask them an authorization number which will be given to you after submitting all your documents.

Normally it won’t take more 10 working days that the MFA assess the applications however, administrative process in Iran is often slow and it might take longer, therefore don’t get surprise. Be aware that if your application fails, there is no repay.

Although the process of visa might take a bit long to achieve, this visas are valid for 3 months while the VOAs are valid just 30 days. It is also important to know that tourist visas are rarely rejected. In fact if you claim your objective of traveling as tourism and present all your documents correctly, and especially you are with a tour, there is no reason that your visa gets rejected. Once the authorization number is received, the agency will forward it to you and your nominated Iranian embassy/consulate.

Visa on arrival or VOA

The third option to get a visa quickly is called Visa On Arrival. Citizens of about 70 countries, including most European, ASEAN, Gulf Arab and Central Asian countries, several South American countries, Australia, China, India, Japan, New Zealand and South Korea can obtain a 30- days tourist visa to visit Iran. Getting this quick visa is available in all international airports including Tehran’s Emam Khomeini International Airport, SYZ: Shiraz International Airport, MHD: Mashhad International Airport, TBZ: Tabriz International Airport, ISF: Isfahan International Airport and KIH: Kish International Airport.Get a visa to going into Iran

 People who cannot come to Iran

Iran will not issue visas to Israeli passport holders, and people with an Israeli passport will be turned away at the border which means you can’t get on a flight to Iran with an Israeli passport. In the same way, having an Israeli stamp in any other passport will see you turned away or put on the next flight out. It’s not just about Israeli stamps, but about all exit stamps out of Jordan or Egypt at border points that imply that you must have entered Israel once.

 People who cannot travel to Iran solo

If you’re British, Canadian or American, all conditions either for getting visa or visiting Iran vary. Concerning visa process, it’s almost longer than other nationalities. Besides you need to forget about obtaining visa on arrival. As British, Canadian or American, we ask you to choose an organized tour with a tour leader and not to travel to Iran solo.

Get a visa to going into Iran

Get a visa to going into Iran

 Extend your visa

Extending tourist visa in Iran is possible; either you have obtained your visa via Iran’s embassy in your country, or on arrival. If you like to extend it, you can ask your tour leader to do so or go through the Police Aliens Affairs Dept individually in big cities like: Tehran, Tabriz, Isfahan, Shiraz and Mashhad. However, it is highly recommended to decide at least 5 days before your visa gets expired.

Documents for Iran visa extension are exactly the same as enquiries you have handed over the first time to get your visa:

  • Two passport photos
  • Filled out Forms
  • Copies of your passport and Iranian visa
  • An entry stamp
  • Pay for the visa extension

If all goes well with your documents and photos, it won’t take more than a working day for extending your tourist visa, otherwise, officers ask you to come the next day and take your passport. Be aware that extending tourist visa more than twice is really difficult.Get a visa to going into Iran


Get a visa to going into Iran
Get a visa to going into Iran

All about the authorization number

Getting Iran visa ready is depends on having the authorization number. All tourist visa applicants must be ‘approved’ by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) in Tehran and have this number. In fact, if you’re approved, the MFA sends an authorization number to the consulate, the visa agency or airport staff in where you have demanded a tourist visa before.

This process is also included those who like a visa on arrival, the authorization number can be approved either in advance or on arrival in Tehran which won’t take more than an hour.

The only point to remember is that if you have applied a tourist visa by your own and you have the authorization code, there’s no need to wait in lines and fill the forms on arrival.  All you have to do is to give your authorization number and your passport to the airport staff.Get a visa to going into Iran

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