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Food culture

Drinks, Iranian people and Iranian food culture

Drinks covered in the Iran’s food culture have undergone massive changes over the past years. Many items have been removed from the Iranian drink culture, and many others have been added to it. In the present article, we attempt to share with you some of the Iranian drinking culture and habits. This knowledge will help you go back to your country with a better and more useful experience of Iranian drinks.

The first noteworthy point about the Iranian drink culture is that one may find a variety of drinks in the restaurant or café menus. So you can feel free to pick your favorite drink from a wide range of options.  In addition, Iranian drinks are cheaper than those you might have tried in European cafes, even when you are in a luxury restaurant or café across Iran. Iranian drinks 

Iranian food culture

The second point about the Iranian drinks is that they cover both traditional Persian beverages and drinks offered in Europe, the United States or South Asian countries. These drinks include Mochaito, a variety of coffees, Indian teas, Fruit Juice Mixed Drinks and, of course, herbal distillates that are specific to Iran and you may never get to taste anywhere else. Iranian drinks 

Let’s know a bit about alcoholic beverages in Iran

The third point about the Iranian drinks is that alcoholic beverages, including wine, Aragh Sagi, or even beer, are not officially served in Iran. People buy these drinks illegally or secretly produce them at home. Although alcoholic drinks are easily accessible in Iran, we strongly suggest you be cautious and alert to the risks. These drinks can be toxic and life-threatening, as their distribution sources are mostly unknown. Take this warning seriously because over the past few years, some Iranians have been reportedly poisoned and even lost their lives after drinking imported drinks with unknown place of origin. So we highly recommend that you avoid alcoholic drinks for the duration of your stay in Iran. Iranian drinks 

Iranian drinks
Iranian drinks

The fourth point is that people’s drinking habits vary from one city to another. You can use this difference to your advantage. Consult the waiter about this when you enter any restaurant or cafe in any city. Ask them what kind of drink is most commonly served in that city and give them a try. I know that you might find the drink distasteful, but don’t worry, fortunately drinks are very inexpensive in Iran. Sometimes they charge you a measly 50 cents for a drink at a cafe or restaurant. So do not deprive yourself of a fresh experience.

And the last words about Iranian drinks

Another finer point is that in your trip to Iran you may come across drinks that you have already tried in your own country or in other countries. The taste of that very same drink, however, may be quite different from what you expect. This may also apply to foods. In general, Iranians have great expertise in improving flavors or mixing them to create new and more favorable ones.  Therefore we suggest that you try new flavors. By doing so, you can gain a general knowledge of Iranian food habits. In fact, this approach can also help you identify common behaviors of Iranians. Iranian drinks

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