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Visiting a Village: Sar Aqa-Seyed, the Untouched Staircase of Zagros

In the heights of Zagros, the stair village of Sar Aqa-Seyed is located at the center of Koohrang county with a distance of 130 kilometers from Shahr-e Kord – capital of Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari province.

Sar (means head in Persian) Aqa-Seyed, as its name may suggest, is the upper village around the shrine of ‘AqaSeyed’. The simple sense of naming indicates the simple lifestyle of the people in this village. The houses are mostly old, with basic and simple designs and construction materials. The village has little in the way of conveniences and urban trends have been unable in changing it for the most part. Nevertheless, this makes it even more interesting for tourists who are interested in seeing simple life of people there.

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The Route

The nature enthusiasts travel to this village from different routes. The main route starts from Koohrang county. The road is only available in the warm seasons with special automobiles while in the rainy seasons, the road would become inaccessible. It is a sloped, rocky path which is not fine enough for small cars. If you do not have a proper car for the off-road, it is advisable to avoid the risk of going there. Instead, you can hire a car or a tour leader who can give you a ride and guide you to this village.Visiting a Village

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Considering the special condition of the road, it is better to travel there in the daylight, using local guides who are familiar with the terrain. In the cold seasons, the village could be accessed from the south of Isfahan.

Visiting a Village
Visiting a Village


The stair-like structure of the village is a sight to behold. The entrance of Sar Aqa-Seyed is spectacular, but for a breathtaking view you have to climb the hills on the other side of the village. A30-minute walk outside the village would show you SarAqa-Seyed in its true glory. To find the right way, you had better ask for the stony path at the end of the village. This path winds through the gardens surrounding the village, reaching to the hills on the opposite side. This part of the village is a nice place for camping which would provide a nice view of the village.Visiting a Village

Staying the Night

Sar Aqa-Seyed is a special village and tourists should consider the fact that due to the virgin nature of the area, there are not any luxury hotels. Some believe that this is the charm of the village. Sar Aqa-Seyed has just one inn, made in the body of the stairs. The inn has a view of the near mountains and guests are warmly welcomed by the local staff. You could choose between different options for the night. There is the nomadic tent on the roof or the house rooms.Visiting a Village

Visiting a Village
Visiting a Village


The wild celery is a fragrant vegetable growing around the village which is one of the income sources of the local people. You could see the wild celery spread on all the roofs in order to dry them via sunshine. The local people use it in their cups of tea for fragrance and the pickled celery is also quite tasty. The traditional stew and pottage are some other special food of this village. On the other hand, Iranian Kabab in SarAqa-Seyed is delectable which is due to the tender meat of the local animals.

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‘Chogha’ is the traditional clothing for the men in SarAqa-Seyed, although local people wear it on rare occasions. It is black with white strips and the symbol of Chogha Zanbil is seen on it. The hand-woven salt shaker is another handcraft and old shakers could still be found in the village. The local people also knit small carpets and rugs which are used for covering the floor.

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