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Hospitality & a fine cuisine are the best souvenirs of Qzvin!

The first time I had traveled to Qazvin, I had just 7 or 10 years old. I can’t even remember the exact time. The only things I can clearly remember are delicious foods and hospitality of people who accepted us as their guests. Surprisingly, this factor was the only reason that attracted me to Qazvin once again after all these years.

Qazvin is a beautiful as well as touristic city in Iran. It could be the best choice for citizens of Tehran to pass a “daycation” there. Or, chose it as a good destination for a minibreak. However, inhabitants of the capital  practically ignore this ancient city  due to its small distance! It seems Qazvin is unable to meet our psychological needs! Because by travelling, we want somewhere far away to go to! At least it’s been the sole reason for which I have always postponed my long-awaited visit to the former capital of Iran.

How I ended up in Qazvin

Anyways, this summer I was the guest of the municipality to visit Qazvin alongside plenty of other journalists. It was supposed to be an ordinary travel. However, I learnt very interesting facts about this small but important city. First of all, I got that although Qazvin is not big, visitors are not able to see it in a whole day due to having a large number of monuments, museums, natural attractions etc.

the best souvenirs of Qzvin!

Besides, I surprisingly discovered that many ceremonies are still taking place in social or religious occasions. Some of them have remained from later years, especially famous and popular festivals. The harvest festival of cornel and the ceremony of rain invocation are just two examples of the age-old customs. And interestingly people of Qazvin still follow them with passion. And honestly, picking a fruit is so amazing that I can’t help not taking part in this festival at the appropriate time…

Then, I met a considerable number of foreign tourists who had traveled to Iran for the first time in their life. However, they had chosen Qazvin alongside cities like Tabriz and Shiraz! Well, it’s interesting to visit all cities but if I have to chose among 3-4, Qazvin is the last one. However, French and Spanish tourists I met there, were so delightful about their choice.

what attracted me?!

Others, who had traveled to Qazvin for the second time, intended to try regional cuisine once again and they specifically mentioned “Qeime Nesar”. In fact when I asked them to talk about their favorites in Qazvin while I was filming them, none of them forgot to insist that every single tourist must try it during their stay in Iran and it’s one of the major items on the list of priorities during their travel to Iran!

Plus, I did realized that Qazvin has great potential to be a cooking vacation for sightseers, either they are domestic ones, or overseas. Especially when it is about cooking sweets and confectioneries.

the best souvenirs of Qzvin!

There is also, however, other attractions for me to praise this ancient city. As I mentioned above, we were  tourism journalists to visit Qazvin, and you have no idea how Iranian journalists are generally irritating. We are the all-time heroes and heroines of nagging, complaining and criticizing a range of simple subjects, day-to-day routines and so on! However, hosts and hostesses in the municipality remained charming and gracious. They just answered every single frown with bright smiles throughout our day trip. And finally at the end of the night, they escorted us to the bus with presents and delicious confectioneries.

Last words

I know that Qazvin is the a historically preserved city of Iran with famous monuments and interesting natural attractions, but for me as a tourist who has visited a lot of cities and counties inside and outside of Iran, there are other important things to get familiar with, not only the history. Subjects like social aspects of a city, customs, traditions or daily habits of citizens are tourist attractions for me at the moment. Thus, if you’re one of those who are interested in odd things more than archaeological excavations, take up my suggestion. Arranging a trip to Qazvin and enjoy your own findings and discoveries. Bon voyage!

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