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Eram Garden of Shiraz

Although during your stay in Shiraz you may get to visit a variety of gardens, the Eram Garden of Shiraz will definitely stick out.

Eram Garden of Shiraz is one of the nine Iranian gardens on the UNESCO World Heritage sites. This garden is also one of the most beautiful and famous amongst gardens of Shiraz. There are signs of the existence of this garden during the Seljuk dynasty and throughout the Inju’ids and Muzaffarid dynasty. The Eram Garden of Shiraz has a global reputation for its high-rising cedars, beautiful flowers, and the famous Persian cypress.

Architectural features

The Eram garden has a vast rectangular area. Its entrance doors are on the larger side facing the north end of garden and the Eram Blvd. And the smaller side faces the west and the triple roll mill Blvd.

These two sides of the garden that used to be marked by mud walls in the past are currently covered by Italian woodbines and trumpet vines. Other sides of the garden border with residential houses and other gardens.

Eram Garden of Shiraz
Eram Garden of Shiraz

Thanks to the massive changes the garden has undergone in different eras. Its area has also increased or decreased significantly but currently it covers nearly 110380 square meters.

Atabak, the governor of Fars built the garden of Eram, at the time of Sultan Sanjar the Seljuk. However, the main building of the Eram Garden is a fairly complete example of buildings erected in mid Qajar era. Distinct features of this building, just like other monuments of its period, represent their compliance with principles of Zandyah and Safavid architecture. Even the motifs on the façade tiles of the building clearly show that they have been derived from images depicted on the walls of a Safavid building.

The main building of the garden consists of three stories. Built on the site of a former mansion at Nasereddin Shah’s period, it’s in the central core of the garden. The second floor of the building covers a large porch with two columns and two porches on its both sides. A picture of the Shahnameh and the battle of Qajar rulers in the front side of the building have caused it to look much more spectacular and interesting.

The Eram Garden of Shiraz was registered on the national Iranian heritage sites in 1974 and in on the UNESCO world heritage site in 2011.

Having fun in the Eram garden

Visiting one of world leading heritage sites is just one of the reasons that might bring you here. There are other remarkable opportunities and offers that help you have more fun.

Eram Garden of Shiraz

Having a walk in a paradise

The Eram Garden offers a unique combination of history and nature. It has a combination that has given rise to a heavenly atmosphere and would definitely mesmerize anyone. If you walk there, the breathtaking scenes you lay eyes on would definitely capture your attention and fill you with pleasure. So don’t content yourself with a simple visit of the place. Try to enjoy every offer the garden has provided you with.

Getting to wear traditional clothes

This garden, thanks to its historical atmosphere, may ignite a desire for taking a trip to the past. In doing so, you partly experience the folklore and the life people led back in old times. In this garden you can wear traditional clothes that are offered cheaply and take some photos.

Cultural products: a stall offering various products, including cultural products, handicrafts and souvenirs, etc in the Erma Garden can give shoppers a new experience.

Tasty Experiences: In case sightseeing is going to last long, feel free to treat yourself to some delicious dishes in the garden. Surely there is nothing more enjoyable than some Shirazi Faloodeh in this beautiful atmosphere! Visiting a several-thousand-year-old monument and have one of the oldest Iranian ice creams at the same time, is a unique experience. It gives you a fresh insight into Iranian culture, art and lifestyle.

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