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One day in Tabriz, where fever gets cured

The crown princess fell sick in the middle of the journey. That night, she had a high fever and shaking in a way that the lady-in-waiting became desperately afraid to lose her. Thus, she sent a message to the caravan’s guide:” We need to stop or we are going to lose the crown princess.” It was in the dead of night when the caravan camped. Then, they stayed in, whole the night in the hope that the crown princess gets better. in Tabriz

The lady-in-waiting was wiping her fevered brow with a beautiful piece of embroidery. She fell to her knees and began to pray: Dear God! Please cure our lady of her illness.

Since several people accompanied the caravan, the story of the queen’s illness went around very soon. A centenarian showed up and asked permission to enter the tent. The entry was permitted so the centenarian went in With an herbal concoction in her hands.

The story goes on

Make her drink it all so her fever gets reduced. The centenarian said.

The worried lady-in-waiting gave her the concoction. The next morning, when the crown princess woke up, she didn’t run a fever.

The lady-in-waiting burst out crying and told the whole story to the king. He ordered then to found a city there in appreciation of the crown princess’ remedy and call it “ Tabriz”, name of a city where fever gets cured (tab= fever. Riz: falling).

There are no beggars in Tabriz
There are no beggars in Tabriz

Years before I travel to this city of Iran, I had heard several anecdotes about Tabriz where my father was born and raised. When I visited there for the first time, I went so excited. The city looked very clean and people were so kind and hospitable. They also started to talk in Persian with me which was exactly the inverse of what I had heard before. Not only they spoke Persian, but also they gave me a hand to find an address that I had no idea of!

Although some of my information was not factual, some of it was quite correct. Like the fact that there are no beggars in Tabriz.

A city as ancient as the Silk Road and the citizens were as great as poems of Shahriyar.

All I saw

Bazaar of Tabriz didn’t look like a bazaar, but an old watercolor painting. Beneath Its round and brick arches, through its huge wooden doors, I was feeling like a dwarf in my childhood tales. The bazaar was filled with the smell of scented flowers, herbs & spices and it was so big that was and I couldn’t even pay completely a visit to there.

Although visiting my ancestral city was amazing, its past and historical background attracted me the most. Thus, when I arrived at Khaneh Mashrouteh while I was walking around the city, my jaw dropped open! It was immense and as interesting as contemporary history of Iran that has happened in Tabriz. Once I took a walk around the Sa’at Square and the cobbled streets around it, I could see all the bittersweet days of Iran’s history. Besides, ancient monuments and exotic edifices made me deeply admire the city.


However, by leaving the city centre, it seemed as if time quickly passes. It put me centuries later where people are equipped with the state-of-the-art facilities, equipment, technologies and phones. My imaginary women in Colorful, layered skirts paired with matching vests were replaced with people in jeans and sweatshirt walking and carrying on business.

In the north of the city, direction signs indicate the Elgoli, the most popular garden in Tabriz with a pretty big pool and an old Historical Mansion at the centre. This is a lovely beautiful garden reminding Persian gardens that you would never regret visiting. It would be a daily visit in your favour. 

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