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Best food tourism destinations in Iran

Although we have written about the dishes of each city, it’s necessary to introduce the best food destinations of Iran. It would be interesting for those who are interested in food tourism and are only after getting to know Iranian dishes and tasting various foods. Best food tourism destinations 

In addition to familiarity with a part of the culture and lifestyle of the people of each city, trying popular dishes of each region is one of the most pleasing experiences of travel.


One of the destinations of food tourism in Iran is Gilan Province with 400 kinds of local and traditional dishes. People of Gilan care about food a lot and every food with different ingredients tastes different in Gilan. For instance, the Ghormeh Sabzi of Gilan can be cooked with chicken, meat, or fish, each with its own fans.

Gilan is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Iran because of its wonderful weather, attractive natural landscapes. The most famous local foods of Gilan are:

Mirza Ghassemi, Baghala Ghatogh, Khootka Fesenjān, Morgh Lakoo, Koei Khoresht, Torsh Tareh, Aloo Mosamma, Kooli. Certainly, locals can be better guides to choose traditional dishes at local restaurants in that area.

Best food tourism destinations in Iran


You cannot travel to Qazvin and disregard their delicious traditional dishes. The taste and the smell of foods such as Gheimeh Nesar, Shirin Polo, Doymaj, Mashkoofi, Kuku Shirin, Aush-e mash piyazoo, and Aush-e Doogh cannot be found in any other place than Qazvin, where it is their original city.


Almost all Iranians have heard the reputation of Kufteh Tabrizi and the traditional Aushes of Tabriz. We believe that if you travel to Tabriz and don’t eat Kufteh Tabrizi in local restaurants, your journey isn’t complete. Some of the other traditional dishes of Tabriz are Aush-e kalam Ghomri, Aush-e Omaj, Yogurt Soup, Carrot Stew, Soozi Shorbasi, and Vine leaf roll.


Shiraz is one of the most popular cities to travel, in terms of tourism and food tourism. The scrumptiousness of the dishes in Shiraz and the unique flavor of its foods is felt from the popular Shirazi salad. This salad brings about a small section of the taste of Shiraz to each Iranian table. Most of the traditional dishes in this city have a wonderful mix of flavors. We recommend tasting these foods on your trip to Shiraz to enjoy yourself. Dampokhtak of Shiraz, Yakhni Nokhod, GormehBeh, Dopiyazeh Aloo of Shiraz, Polo Esfandi, Kalam polo, polo of Shiraz, and the special Eshkaneh of Shiraz, also known as Ab Piyazak.

Best food tourism destinations in Iran
Best food tourism destinations in Iran


Hamedan city has become one of the best destinations for food tourism in Iran due to the variety of Dizi that has a reputation with its healing properties. If you ask local people about the most popular food of Hamedan, with no doubt they recommend Aush-e Tarkhineh Doogh. It is a famous food with a long historical background. Other foods in Shiraz are Aush-e Kalle Joosh, Rice Aush, dried fruits Aush, Abgoosht of Ghormeh Sabzi, Sardashi Kebab of Hamedan, and Ghooreh Bademjan stew.


Due to the presence of special plants and integrating them in cooking local and traditional dishes, Ilam has a special place among the destinations of food tourism. Besides, the widespread presence of tribes and nomads and diversity of traditional foods, have marked this place. Therefore, special and different dishes are present in Ilam such as Koofteh Sirabi, Tarhana,and Kashkineh, Paghazeh, Wild leek stew, Kopehof Ilam, Maksh, Abgoosht of Okra, Gojeh Pooneh, Sholeh Amiri, etc.


It’s true that Mashhad is Iran’s religious tourism hub, but nobody can neglect its delicious foods and the unique flavors. Shashlik and Sholeh of Mashhad are just two examples which you can find their best quality only during a trip to Mashhad. Of course, other traditional dishes of Mashhad, such, as Reshteh Polo, Aush-e Lakhshak, Lamb Ghormeh, Rice pudding, Digcheh of Mashhad, Eshkaneh-e Ghorout, and Dizi Sangi have their own fans.

Best food tourism destinations in Iran


If you are a fan of hot and spicy and foods, Khuzestan is the best food tourism destinations for you. From samosa and spicy falafel to foods like pokoura, Ghalieh Mahi, Nafeleh of Khuzestan, and grilled Ilish fish, all have a tangy flavor. On your journey to Khuzestan, in addition to enjoying these spicy foods, enjoy the traditional dishes of the region. These ones are such as Borshok, Ghalieh of eggs, Borani of green bean, Emgeshet, and Ardeh Polo.

Bandar Abbas

By traveling to the south of Iran such as Bandar Abbas, one cannot avoid southern dishes and their different taste.That is why we recommend you make your meals more enjoyable by tasting traditional foods. Some of our suggestions are:

Berenj Dishoo, Mouflek, Hawari polo, Belalit and mahyaweh during your trip to Bandar Abbas. Best food tourism destinations 

Qeshm Island

Qeshm Island as a tourist destination, besides the beaches and popular markets, also has a variety of local dishes. These foods can improve your vacation experience. For most passengers of Qeshm Island, sea foods such as Ankas, Zibon, Kolomba, roasted fish, shark Pudini, Havari Chagoo Meig, Kookoo of mackerel fish, and Katoogh are among the best choices. However, Goat Kebab of Qeshm and the wonderful flavor of it is unforgettable in this beautiful island. Best food tourism destinations 


Zoordeh, Shalmin, Aush-e Abbasali, barbecued spareribs, Sib polo, Khomar Aushi and Peresht are among the most delicious foods in Kermanshah. You can be sure that you cannot find the local dishes of Kermanshah with the same original flavor in any other cities in Iran. Having these foods in addition to visiting historical monuments can give you a unique experience of an ideal trip.

Best food tourism destinations in Iran


During your travel to Isfahan, you can taste different flavors and enjoy food tourism in addition to popular tourist attractions. The food culture of Isfahan is such that most of the original foods of this city are served without rice. Instead, people eat the local foods by crumbling dried bread up into them. They have excellent flavors, so we advise you to go to Isfahan and taste the original food of this city. Here are some of our suggestions:

Beryani, Yoghurt stew, Beh polo, Sholeh Beryoon Zireh, chicken and Cherry plum stew, Yakhmeh Torsh, Koofteh Shawid Baghali, Mash-o Ghomri, Sargonjeshki stew, Nokhodab, Gheymeh Rizek Nokhodchi, Yakhni loobia, etc.

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