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A brief description of Vakil Bazaar of Shiraz

The Vakil Bazaar of Shiraz is one of the most spectacular markets of Iran. In addition to its architectural and historical aspects, the lively atmosphere dominating the market has turned it to a must-see for foreign tourists.

The Vakil Bazaar of Shiraz is built at a lower level than the ground and this makes it one of a kind. Up to a few decades ago, a 14-step staircase spanned linked the market to the street level. Now, thanks to infillings of the market flooring over time, one needs to ascend 5-6 stairs to reach the bazaar. The market is also characterized by some paths with high ceilings that make it even more spectacular. The light rays penetrating into the market through the roof also add to the beauty and attractiveness to this bazaar.

A brief description of Vakil Bazaar of Shiraz
A brief description of Vakil Bazaar of Shiraz

How Vakil Bazaar of Shiraz appeared?!

Zandieh’s era marks the period in which Shiraz underwent a lot of massive transformations. After establishing Shiraz as his capital city, Karim Khan Zand resolved to prosper this city. In addition, he blessed the Bazaar of Shiraz with numerous architectural projects and services within two decades. Establishment of peace and security by installation of border fences and construction of castles and caravansaries are parts of the services he offered to the city during his time. As a result, today, many of the leading historical monuments are the most spectacular artworks dating back to his time. Vakil Bazaar of Shiraz

Of all the monuments build in this city, the Vakil market is definitely the most spectacular one. The construction of this large monument commenced from around 1758 and lasted until the year 1778. The market underwent major changes and was fundamentally repaired in different eras. For instance, with the construction of the Zand Avenue in 1936, the link between the northern corridor of the market and its remainder part leading to the Char Sough was completely cut. As a result, a part of the northern corridor was inevitably demolished. It means there is no connection between the 8 vaults of the Qavami caravansary and some parts of the Roghani caravanserai,

Recently, some commercial documents dating back to more than 100 years were discovered in the market. The documents included a list of prices, sold and purchased items, and some points associated with the market and trade. Thanks to its attractive and spectacular characteristics, the Bazaar was registered in Iran National Heritage sites on July 17, 1971.

A brief description of Vakil Bazaar of Shiraz

The stuff put on sale in the market

Just like all traditional Iranian markets, the Vakil market is dominated by a dynamic and lively environment. The market is actually a combination of traditional and modern markets offering a wide range of products. The shop-lined corridors of the market actually offer many high-quality goods. In addition, the list below can help you get what you need.

Delicious food

It’s a bit hard to turn a blind eye on the delicious foods offered in Fars province. So you’d better not waste your time trying to calculate the calories of the delicious foods available in this province. Just cast caution to the winds and head for the Chahar Sugh where a wide range of muffins, traditional Shirazi Masghati and Lari Halva Masghati exist. By the way, make sure that the Fasayi rice bread known as Fesayi bread and the Shiraz cookies called ‘yookhe bread’ are included in your shopping list.

In case you are interested in hand-knitted stuff

The hand-knitted stuff offered in the Vakil market is just one of a kind. The breathtaking motifs of these items that represent the art of the nomad’s inhabitants will definitely mesmerize any visitor. Gabbeh, the popular hand-knitted carpet is offered in the Chahar Sugh of the market. The kilims covering nature-inspired motifs are also among the hand-knitted stuff available in this market.

The colorful fabrics knitted by Fars nomads will definitely mesmerize you in the first glance. If you are interested in the world of fabrics, just make your way towards the Saraye Moshir through the ChaharSugh and then enter the Shamshirgarha Bazaar. The adept tailors working in the Bazaar will be more than happy to provide you with nice clothing after you have picked your favorite fabric. A beautiful nomadic clothing could be a decent souvenir for your loved ones.

Saraye Moshir

Handicrafts of Shiraz

Shiraz already has a reputation for Khatam-kari and wood carving and beautiful examples of these handicrafts are offered in the Vakil market. Shirazi EMBOSS WORKING is also one of the irresistible offers that Vakil Bazaar provides its customers with.

Distillates and mountain herbs

Shiraz is known as the city of Orange blossom. The sour orange petals are mixed and served with tea in Iran. In case you have already had the chance to drink Iranian tea with the flavor of Orange blossom during your stay in Iran and enjoyed its taste, congratulations. The Orange blossom is one of the offers that Vakil Bazaar provides its customers with. The red orange zest and the shirazi Marjoram are also among the popular stuff offered in this market. Famous shirazi distillates are also available in the Vakil Bazaar of Shiraz.

A list of other goods offered in the market

A variety of leather types, traditional jewelry, copper and silverware, spices, antiques, local clothing and traditional hats are also available.

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