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Food culture

Food, Iran, and its cities

Iranian researchers working on food and cuisine believe that there are more than 2500 types of food, 109 types of drink, 13 types of bread, and countless pastries in Iran. They also believe that although the school of Iranian cuisine is one of the three major schools of food along with Roman and Chinese cuisine, the vast geographical area of Iran and various tribes have caused Iran to have a lot of food diversity.

Personally, I did not notice the diversity of dishes in my country until I left Tehran. And if you do not travel to cities other than the famous metropolis of Iran, you will not have any lunch or dinner except Kebab or Jujeh kabab.

After all, I would find a long list of meals that I could order on every meal and have fun with them as I came across any city. It is not just food that keeps the passengers stay in a city and gets them excited at every meal. The list of pastries, ice creams, drinks, desserts, and sometimes even pickles excites native or foreign tourists.

Food Iran and its cities

Let me summarize it, apart from the thousands-year-old buildings, Iran surprises you with a delicious food in every city. Ask for local food in every city or village as you come to Iran. Apart from visiting the firsts of human civilization, go for a restaurant that cooks the particular food of that area. Investigate not only foods, but beverages, desserts, and the specific dish of that city and try it at the destination. Otherwise, it is just as if you traveled to a historical city in your own country or a European country.

Best food tourism destinations in Iran

Here on the in2iran website, we dedicated a section to special dishes in each city. We did so to make you acquainted with the city’s food tourism and try it on your trip to Iran. These proposals, however, are not comprehensive. Sometimes we have to drop some parts of these proposals as the section becomes too long.

Food Iran and its cities

With these explanations, we suggest asking local people if you travel to Iran alone. If you travel in groups, ask for details about desserts, ice creams, foods… of a city from your tour leader. Our emphasis is on the details, as your tour leaders are Iranian. Therefore, they are used to eating comestibles of a city, and they may forget that, for example, it’s not just Beryani of Isfahan that they must offer. There are also other teas and pastries in a city which is interesting to foreign tourists and they should try it in a particular city.

Drinks, Iranian people and Iranian food culture

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