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Top 10 things to do in Isfahan

Isfahan is a popular city from the viewpoint of Iranians and foreign tourists. The beautiful and historic bridges, houses and mosques have turned the city into an attractive and lovely place for everyone. The popular historic sites aside, it’s worth getting to know about some activities that provide a fresh insight into the city.

The Romantic neighborhood of Jolfa

Jolfa is known as the Armenian neighborhood in Isfahan. Regardless of its beautiful urban fabric, the neighborhood has a reputation for its coffee shops. Jolfa includes five long streets stretching from the east to the west, a remarkable market with several public bathrooms, two caravanserai, a square and eleven churches. This neighborhood is so famous that even the people of Isfahan take it as an ideal option for urban tourism.

Top 10 things to do in Isfahan
Top 10 things to do in Isfahan

Isfahan’s Music Museum

Isfahan is known as one of the birthplaces of the Iranian classic music and singing. The city has a reputation for one of the musical categories and one of the five traditional Iranian singing tunes is attributed to this city. Therefore, the Isfahan’s Music Museum provides you with fascinating points about Iranian culture and music.

The Isfahan’s Music Museum covers several sections including:

The Hall of national Musical Instruments, The hall of Local musical instruments, Sarahangansarai, The music hall, and an instrument making Workshop.

Three noteworthy points about this museum are as following: Firstly, the museum offers unique musical instruments that can’t be found in any other country. Secondly, during the visit, one can listen to the music played using Iranian local instruments. And finally, there are live Iranian traditional music performances in the Music Hall which are very enjoyable.

Top 10 things to do in Isfahan
Top 10 things to do in Isfahan


Don’t miss the Deserts around Isfahan if you are a nature loving tourist. Make an arrangement to visit theses deserts if you can extend your stay time in Isfahan for some days. Isfahan is surrounded by many deserts, each of which recognized by the area in its vicinity. The well-known deserts around Isfahan include: the Khara Desert, Varzaneh desert, The Maranjab Desert, The Khor desert (Mesr), The Aran and Bidgol desert and the Zavareh desert. These deserts are within 1-6 hours of Isfahan.

Walking on the shifting sands, camel riding, off-road driving, camping and evening party, astronomical observations, and night photography are among the most popular activities practiced by those interested in desert.

Reptiles Garden of Isfahan

If you are interested in animals and especially reptiles, the Reptiles Garden of Isfahan can provide you with a unique experience. The garden is in Najvan Natural Park and includes 25 large and 12 small vivariums that are home to toxic, semi-toxic, and non-toxic reptiles from all over the world.

We can divide the live reptiles available in this garden into two groups: foreign snakes and indigenous snakes.

The Reptile Garden also offers facilities such as restaurants and cafes. The Gondola lift station in this complex allows you to easily move from the Reptile Garden in the south to the garden of the birds situated in the northwest of Zayandeh Rood.

 Isfahan Museum of Contemporary Art

The Isfahan Museum of Contemporary Arts is a must especially for those who are somehow involved in an artistic field. Try it if you have a burning desire to get to know about the Iranian contemporary art and artists. Contemporary art museums always provide visitors with a fresh insight into the indigenous art of a city, country or region. And this is also true about Isfahan.

The Isfahan Museum of Contemporary Arts
The Isfahan Museum of Contemporary Arts

The museum site was previously occupied by a palace from the Safavid era. The palace was demolished during the Qajar era and then replaced with the Government headquarter. Massoud Mirza, the governor of Isfahan, resided in the building in his time and the building’s basement was used as a prison. In 1994, the building turned into the Museum of Contemporary Arts.

Constitution House of Isfahan

Constitution House of Isfahan is a historical monument related to the Qajar era. The reason for this appellation is that the house belonged to the political leader of Isfahan in the constitutional era. This house served as venue for the gathering of scholars, liberals, political and cultural figures and people of Isfahan about 100 years ago.

Due to anthropological aspects, the history of Iran and the path that Iran has taken towards democracy, this building is worth visiting. Besides, thanks to its beautiful architecture, the building was registered on the national heritage site nearly a decade ago.


Esfahan Cafes and soda shops are also among the attractions of this city. Aside from the drinks or delicious meals served, Isfahan’s cafes are mostly frequented by educated people. So seize the opportunity and make some time for visiting the cafes in Isfahan. The soda shops and cafes you must try during your stay in Isfahan are such as:

Firouz Soda shop and Ani Cafe in the Jolfa neighborhood, Ruzegar sod a shop in the NaghsheJahan Square, the Radio Café and the Theater Cafe on CharbaghAbbasi Street. Each of these cafes gives you a fresh insight into the everyday life of people of Isfahan and their habits.

Last but not least, special dishes are served in these cafes during the month of Ramadan. As a result, you can feel free to treat yourself to delicious dishes in case you happen to visit Isfahan during this month.

Top 10 things to do in Isfahan
Top 10 things to do in Isfahan

The Joubareh neighborhood

Joubareh is the original core of Isfahan city. This district originates in the early Achaemenid era and because of the immigration of the Babylonian Jews on the order of Cyrus the Great. The district used to be the Residential area of Jews. It became one of the districts of Isfahan after the Muslim conquest of Persia. During the Seljuk era, the Joubareh was recognized as the center of the city and the old historical structures like Sarban minaret and Chehel Dokhtaran minaret in this district are dated back to that time.

Aside from the Jewish residents, today the district is home to immigrants seeking budget accommodation. This historic and beautiful neighborhood will stick out as a fascinating site in your trip to Isfahan.

Takht-e Foulad cemetery

Takht-e Foulad is a historical cemetery in Isfahan and is also called Lassanalarz “and “Baba Roknaddin. The cemetery dates back to the fourth century in the Islamic calendar. Although, the cemetery’s establishment date is not clear, the evidences show that it dates back to the pre-Islamic eras. This cemetery covers 75 hectares and is on the southern margin of the Zayandeh-e-Rud River. Thanks to its vast area, great number of leading figures buried in it, and the valuable historical monument within it, this historical cemetery is one of the most important historical and cultural sites in Iran.

Takht-e Foulad is a treasure of various artworks, including architecture, Stucco, tile work, calligraphy, stone carving, poetry and miniature. Because of the ancient Iranian figures buried in the cemetery, the authentic and ancient art of Iran embedded in it, a walk across the cemetery would be tantamount to taking a trip back to historical times.

Top 10 things to do in Isfahan
Top 10 things to do in Isfahan

Fereydoun shahr Ski resort

Isfahan is a surprisingly weird city. Aside from the deserts that fill nature-loving tourists with awe, the city has many Ski resorts. Fereydoun shahr Ski resort that situates near Isfahan is one of the standard Ski resorts that annually attract a large number of tourists from all over Iran. The Resort’s active days over a given year dependent on the level of precipitation during the year.

If you are into winter sports, ask your hotel manager or tourist guide about it and try skiing in Iran. The cool weather of this Resort is even more pleasant after spending a day in the arid deserts of Isfahan.

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