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Giveh and its different types

Giveh is lightweight and durable summer footwear that is suitable for long walks. This shoe that is mostly worn by rural men is known as one of Iran‘s best-selling handicrafts. Giveh is commonly woven in Fars, Isfahan, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, Kermanshah, Zanjan, as well as Senjan city in Markazi province. This hand-woven footwear is generally made of cotton and silk thread in the upper part and leather or rubber in the soles.

Materials used in Giveh weaving

Giveh is made of cotton thread, silk thread and waste leather. Women use different types of needles to weave the upper part of Giveh. The sole part of the Giveh that is referred to as “Zireh” is usually made of fabric, leather or rubber. This part is made of three different materials:

Fabric: The weavers weave Givehs of cotton, otherwise the fabric is not appropriate for this kind of footwear.

Leather: that is of lower quality compared to fabric.

Rubber: is of very low quality, but is more durable than the other two materials.

 Iran's best-selling handicrafts
Iran’s best-selling handicrafts

Interesting Details about  the Iran’s best-selling handicrafts

The motifs commonly used in Giveh weaving are derived from the traditional Persian carpet and rug motifs. Besides, there are modern motifs, mixed modern-traditional motifs, as well as some innovative motifs. In fact, weavers use motifs according to customer’s or their own taste.

The colors used in Giveh weaving include blue, red, white, ivory and black. Of course, weavers use the blue and red colors mostly in the sole part.

 Iran's best-selling handicrafts
Iran’s best-selling handicrafts

Another noteworthy point about Giveh is that the upper part of the varieties worn by men usually comes in white. However, those of women’s come with colored and they sometimes have beads in the upper parts.

Weaving Giveh dates back to 1500 years ago. Right now this industry is common in most cities of the Kurdistan and Kermanshah provinces as well as in the Kurdish regions of Iraq.

Generally, Giveh is available in five varieties in Iran: Fabric Giveh, quilted-sole Giveh, leather-sole Giveh, rubber-sole Giveh, and Giveh with silk upper part.

Giveh weavers deeply believe that their product provide adequate durability for almost 4 or 5 years if used properly. They argue that Giveh is like a tree that continue to live as long as we water and care for it. Interestingly, we can wash and clean cotton Givehs in a washing machine. 

 Iran's best-selling handicrafts
Iran’s best-selling handicrafts

Last but not least, Giveh weaving is recognized as a green industry. Because Iranians use completely indigenous and natural materials for production of Giveh. Thus, Giveh is an environment-friendly and indigenous artwork and souvenir of Iran.

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