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Get to know enamel art of Iran

Enamel art of Iran is an art which has over 5000 years of history. According to experts and with the comparison of Byzantine enamels and Iranian artworks, this art has emerged in Iran. And then it has spread to other lands. There are works found in Europe that have a very long history. For example, six gold rings dating back to the 13th century BC found in Cyprus are an example of the damascened enamel art. Besides, the famous statue of the Zeus in Greece is decorated with this art. And it belongs to 500 BC; still, experts believe the origin of the art was in Iran and Persian lands. 

General facts about enamel art of Iran

The common type of enamel art is usually performed on copper. You should know that high-quality copper is heavier. Consequently, the easiest way to assess the quality of the product is to hold it in hands and weigh it. If the weight is not proportional to the size of the work, then its copper has a lower quality, and it is less expensive. You can buy this at a cheaper price, but you should be aware that there are consequences. Consequences like the loss of the original form of the work or its deformation.

enamel art of Iran
enamel art of Iran

Next, touch the surface of an enamel art piece. If it is quite smooth and glossy like a piece of glass, it is of high quality and perfect. If the surface is rough, it means that the glaze of enamel has been burned in the furnace. It might have occurred because of overheating or long-time span of the piece in the furnace. In addition, the use of low-quality colors can also cause surface roughness. So, look for cracks, chips, flakes, bubbles, holes, etc.

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The back of an enamel artwork should be made of high-quality glaze without any crack or chip. The substructure of enamel must also be whole and uniform without any superfluous part. Take a look at the edges of the substructure, which should be devoid of green color, cracks, and sharp parts.

The flat and even base of the art work is also an important point in the identification of high-quality enamel.

Enamel art of Iran
Enamel art of Iran

Last words

The identity document is the credit of a product in the market. To identify high-quality enamel art, look for its identity document, explanations about the product, its maker, and the warranty. You need to know where the enamel came from, by whom or which company it is made, under what title or brand it is produced, and which company is accountable for its quality. The genuine and high quality enamel is called “ragham” and it contains the name of the artist, date and location of creation.

What is enamel art of Iran?
What is enamel art of Iran?

The piece of work that has been decorated with enamel art is valuable, and you should look after it carefully. The following simple tips can perpetuate this souvenir forever in your home:

  • Transparent glaze is visible in Enamel art designs. As a result, you can wash it with warm water. You could also use sponge, but it will take serious damage if you wash it with wire sponge or dishcloth.
  • Do not use sharp objects on the surface of enamel and do not hit it as it might chip.
  • Too much heat can damage enamel color or burn it, so be careful.

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