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About the oldest ski resort in Iran

Iran may not be a very good destination for the lovers of exciting sports. And it cannot be compared to the European countries. But it has an advantage you can count on and choose this country for some reason to skiing or surfing. Low cost of summer and winter sports and availability of both all year round are the most important benefits of Iran. That is why you should choose one of its cities for summer sports in the middle of winter. Or winter sports in the middle of summer! ski resort in Iran 

Gahar Lake, one of the best natural attractions in Iran 

Abali ski resort is one of the destinations of people of Tehran for skiing. The resort is close to Abali city; in fact, the reputation and popularity of the resort is due to the fact that the mountain on which the resort is built has a smooth surface. this feature makes the snow melt more slowly than the other places. Also, since this region has fair weather in summer, it is the favorite of most athletes. Besides, the main pathway for going to the northern part of Iran from Tehran is the oldest ski resort. And it takes about one or one and half hour (around 60 kilometers) from Tehran to the resort.

Damavand, the highest peak in Iran

Abali is the oldest ski resort in Iran
Abali is the oldest ski resort in Iran

The equipment

Abali ski resort is suitable for skiing from the middle of December to the middle of March. The highest and the lowest points of the resort are 2650 and 2400 meters above the sea level, respectively. The complex includes gondola lift, 8 chairlifts, aerial lift, 6 restaurants, a hotel, emergency center, tennis court, jumping, kite, horse riding, and five different resorts including The Oil Company resort, private resorts, and Tarbiyat-Badani resort.

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Besides the resort of Abali, there is a large parking lot but it is usually full on weekends. The resort also has many training classes to teach skiing to various ages classes at the resort. Beginner and advanced skiing equipment are also sold or rented at Abali ski resort.

Abali is an important Ski Resort in Iran
Abali is an important Ski Resort in Iran

Skiing in Iran is considerably cheaper than countries like Dubai or Turkey, however, the ticket prices are more expensive in weekends in Iran (from Wednesday to Friday) than work days (Saturday to Tuesday).

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