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Dizi, Persian Food Cooked in Stone Pots

Abgousht or Dizi is one of the most popular winter dishes in Iran. Although, Abgousht is a hearty dish in a cold and blustery evening, do not underestimate the pleasure of having Abgousht in Iranian restaurants during the year. Abgousht gives everybody an invaluable experience of splendid time with family and friends.

Literally translated “meat water”, Abgousht is sometimes referred to as Dizi after the traditional stone or pottery pots in which it is made. Dizi pots are placed over an indirect heat or mild fire for several hours until all ingredients are fully cooked. In today’s modern kitchens, though, the stone-made or pottery dizi-pots are mostly used as a serving dish rather than cookware. What is Dizi 

What is Dizi ‘s components and ingredients?!

Abgousht has two components, one being a soup or broth and the other a meat paste with the ingredients that the meat is cooked with. Once you have taken a sip of the broth or the soup and a bite of the meat paste, you will add it to the list of your favorite Iranian meals!

What is Dizi? A kind of Persian Food Cooked in Stone Pots
What is Dizi? A kind of Persian Food Cooked in Stone Pots

Abgousht is, by no means, a modern dish. Its history goes back to hundreds of years ago and it was modestly made with two main ingredients of lamb meat and chickpeas.  What is Dizi  

Abgousht is not considered a fancy or party food, but it often involves skilled preparation passed down from earlier generations. It is prized as an ethnic food by descendants of the Persian culture. If you are going to go to Iran, we recommend you to taste it at least once during your stay. There are some special restaurants throughout Iran. As a result, ask your tour leader for the best one in at least one city you are traveling to.

However as an advice, we’d like to recommend you try this dish in Tehran . First of all because the capital of Iran has no special food which you can test in restaurants. Secondly, other cities in Iran have their own specific dish therefore, it’d be better to eat this traditional meal in Tehran and try meals like Beryooni, Kalampolo, Aush e gooje, Aush –e- shouli, Jojoy –e- Tas kabab and… respectively in Isfahan, Shiraz, Hamedan, Yazd and Kashan.  What is Dizi  

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