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Travel gurus give British travellers advice for visiting Iran

British travellers are often expected to adhere to a variety of traditions when travelling abroad. Yet one strange, particularly quirky custom has now come to light. Just what are travelers expected to do in Iran?

British travellers to long haul destinations often clue up on the country’s cultures and traditions beforehand, to ensure they are well prepared. When venturing overseas to numerous locations, tipping appears customary following a meal out in a restaurant. While in many European countries a service charge is automatically added to the bill, in others, a ten per cent extra is expected. Or, offering a waiter or waitress extra cash for a good meal in Japan, could cause “offence”. British travellers

how Iran is different? British travellers

Meanwhile, in Iran, things are highly different. British travellers 

Iranians appreciate diners if they bring their serving staff little gifts from home, instead of a cash tip.

As Iran is quite a closed nation, a small gift from a tourist’s home country will often be more appreciated as a token of thanks than money.

British travelers

Consider packing a few British souvenirs in your suitcase to give to hotel, tour and restaurant staff during your stay in Iran.

Popular examples include branded merchandise from UK sports team, items with a Union Jack on them. Remember Iranians LOVE football and they follow all matches in UK football league championship.

Therefore items which can be easily packed in Britons luggage, and appropriate for the tipping gift, could include keyrings, postcards and traditional UK foodstuffs or anything stereotypically British.

Besides, British travellers could be having the time of their life on holiday and then suddenly find themselves in a sticky situation when they receive the bill in a restaurant or the taxi pulls over.

“To avoid any confusion about the correct tip to leave when on foreign soil, we’ve produced a comprehensive international guide to gratuities.” British travellers 

Source: Express.co.uk

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