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Local Foods of Tehran

Tehran, as the largest city and the capital of Iran, attracts many migrants from all around the country. Some of these migrants have been living in Tehran for many years. And others travel to this city merely for business purposes and go back to their hometown at the end of each working day. The integration of different cultures in this city has made it difficult to distinguish the local foods of Tehran. This has occurred mainly because the migrants have already brought their local culture and food to the capital of Iran.

Nevertheless, the native residents of Tehran have their own local food. And we have introduced some of these foods below:


Valak (wild garlic) is an herb that is found in Darband and Darake mountains. People of Tehran use the herb to fix a delicious food known as Valak polo.

Cooking instruction: Firstly, we wash rice and Valak and stove them in an appropriate amount of water and oil. Secondly, as soon as the water starts to boil, we lower the flame and leave the pot on the stove until the rice and Valak steam. Lastly you need to know that the good flavor of this food could be attributed to the very pleasant aroma of Valak. And it could make a gourmet meal along with Iranian rice.

Sargonjeshki stew

People in Iran know Sargonjeshki by a variety of names. And it is completely a dish which you can taste it in Iranian’s houses not in the restaurants!

Depending on the chef’s taste, they cook and serve Sargonjeshki in a variety of ways. The cooking instruction: first and foremost, we saute some onion alongside two spoons of tomato paste. Then we add some water to it. In the next stage, we add grinded meat flavored with some salt, Turmeric and pepper to the mixture. Finally we leave it on the stove until it as well cooked.

Local Foods of Tehran

Persian Turmeric Rice (Dampokhtak)

Dampokhtak is a traditional Iranian food with rice as the main ingredient. Iranians cook and serve this food in different regions, according to the dominant tastes of those regions. For example, some add small potatoes to it, while others may add legumes to the ingredients.

Spinach Eshkeneh

Spinach Eshkeneh is one of the local foods peculiar to the province of Tehran. It is a Healthy, low-calorie and delicious food that can be served as an inexpensive and easy-to-fix food in time of Iftar or to those who do not have much time for cooking.

Barley Pottage

Barley potage is one of the local foods served in Tehran province. People living in Lavasan district peculiarly cook it. In addition to Barley, they cook it of a local vegetable called Tableh.

Local Foods of Tehran
Local Foods of Tehran

Gheimeh stew

Gheymeh stew is another popular Iranian food. And we cooked it in different fashions across the country. The ingredients that people of Tehran use, include split pea, red meat, tomato paste, dried lime, and fried potatoes. In Tehran, this dish is served and distributed as a votive offering during the months of Muharram and Safar.

Qormeh Sabzi stew

Qormeh Sabzi is one of the most scrumptious Iranian stews. Like Gheime, people serve this stew in ceremonies and sometimes as a votive offering.  Here is the recipe: first, beans are soaked in water for 24 hours. In the next step, we saute chopped onions and minced meat flavored with turmeric and pepper. Finally, we add the soaked beans to the mixture along with some water. We add vegetables, as the most important ingredient, after the meat –onion mixture is half cooked. Finally we add the dried lime and water to the mixture and put the pot on a small flame. Just like Gheimeh stew, Qormeh Sabzi stew could be considered a perfect choice for dinner or lunch at religious ceremonies or funerals.

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