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Find exploration, spontaneity and joy in this Persian recipes

Samin Nosrat, Iranian author of the cookbook Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: mastering the Elements of Good Cooking teaches people the unique Persian recipes. It is a very good source for those who like to experience a different kind of taste during the meal time. Persian recipes 

Because of her food journalism, the food world has been well aware of Samin for several years. But she became a household name when two things happened. First, her book, Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat became a runaway bestseller. The book explores the mysteries of cooking for the home chef and garnered just about every award a cookbook could get.

The words of author’s mentor

In the words of Nosrat’s mentor, Alice Waters (chef-owner of the legendary Berkeley, Calif., restaurant Chez Panisse) Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat “not only teaches you how to cook but captures how it should feel to cook: full of exploration, spontaneity and joy.” Persian recipes 

As if that weren’t enough, Samin filmed a four-part docuseries with Netflix last fall that was also called Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat. In it, she travels to Italy to explore the importance of fat (olive oil! Parmesan!); to Japan to see salt harvested and soy and miso fermented; then to Yucatán, Mexico, to see how acid, in the form of sour oranges, enhances dishes; and finally back to California to show us how heat transforms meats and vegetables. Persian recipes 

Learning people the unique Persian recipes.
Learning people the unique Persian recipes.

Finally, after the Netflix series, Samin became so well known that it became hard to walk down the street or into her favorite grocery store without being stopped by fans and, yes, people with questions. And sometimes just thanks. She recalled the Iranian father in Oakland who thanked her for speaking to his daughters, who were Iranian and African American. “Thank you for showing them what is possible,” he told her. Persian recipes 

Samin is that rare thing: a woman of color in the upper echelons of the snarky, hypercompetitive food world. Her columns appear regularly in The New York Times; she travels the country lecturing about food and culture and doing cooking demonstrations. She is acutely aware of her unicorn status and spends a lot of time thinking about how to push wider the door she has managed to open so she won’t be the Only One in the public eye. Persian recipes 

Source: npr.org

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