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Kerman Food Meal time

Food tourism in Kerman

In addition to being one of the historical centers of Iran, Kerman province counts as a center of the most delicious foods in Iran. The people of this province have a special culture, and the food is certainly an important part of this culture. Food tourism in Kerman

One of the most famous spices of this province is Caraway. Caraway is known throughout the country as the best quality caraway because its aroma is more distinctive than the others. As a result, caraway is the ingredient of most of the foods in Kerman. Kashk is another food stuff that people widely use it in many dishes of Kerman.

Food tourism in Kerman
Food tourism in Kerman

Abgoosht-e Motanjaneh

This Abgoosht (bouillon) is one of the delicious dishes of Rafsanjan county in Kerman province. Chickpea, pinto bean, sliced onion, sliced mutton, potato, Gheysi of apricot (The pieces of dried apricot, also called “Barge”), sliced quince, walnut powder, salt, pepper, and turmeric are the ingredients of this superb food.

Abgoosht-e Bozghormeh

Abgoosht-e Bozghormeh is also known as Abgoosht-e Kermani. To cook this food, you need meat with bone, onion, chickpea, Kashk, garlic, saffron, salt, pepper, turmeric, and fried garlic. First, add meat, sliced onion, garlic, and chickpea in a proper pot. Then, add some boiling water to the point that all the ingredients soak. Voila, it’s just ready.

Food tourism in Kerman
Food tourism in Kerman

Abgoosht-e Zireh (caraway bouillon)

Traditionally, dishes of Kerman have a unique and unforgettable flavor due to the use of local spices like caraway. If you want to taste a different bouillon with a memorable flavor, Abgoosht-e Zireh is the best choice. The ingredients of this dish are meat, onion, garlic, caraway powder, tomato paste, salt, pepper and turmeric. People of Kerman serve this food with bread and sometimes crumble dried bread up into it. To make this dish taste better add dried savory or dried tarragon after the cooking process is over.

Aush-e Amaj

One of the popular pottages of Kerman is Aush-e Amaj (Shouli of Kerman). It’s beneficial for strengthening the immune system, treating the cold and flu, curing anemia, and cleaning the stomach and intestine. Chopped herbs, cooked lentil, cooked bean, fried onion, fried dried mint leaves, flour, salt and pepper are the main ingredients.

Aush-e Gandom Shir (wheat and milk pottage)

Chickpea, meat with bone, salt, turmeric, powdered Kashk, wheat, milk, reshteh (Kesme), garlic, fried dried mint leaves, and onions are the ingredients of this popular dish in Kerman. Food tourism in Kerman


Abgarmoo or the Eshkaneh is a traditional dish in Kerman province. However, people prepare it in all parts of Iran in different ways. Onion, oil, egg, potato, wheat, fresh tomato, turmeric, salt, pepper, and tarragon are what you need to cook this food.

Inhabitants of Kerman use animal fat to cook Abgarmoo and serve it with pickle and leaf vegetables.

Food tourism in Kerman
Food tourism in Kerman

Kashk-e KallehJoosh

This is another traditional food of Kerman which is made of powdered Kashk, oil, dried herbs, fried garlic, and onion. People of Kerman usually serve it with date, black radish, and walnut. They also sometimes crumble up dried bread into it.

Adasi Choghondar (lentil and beet pottage)

Ladies of Kerman have always used lentil; it is the ingredient of most of their dishes. The difference between Adasi Choghondar and the common lentil pottage is the added beet to this food. Food tourism in Kerman

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