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Everything you need to know about Persian Aush

Aush or Aash is a watery pottage that looks like soup. Though, its cooking method, flavor, and ingredients are different from soup in Iran. Persian Aush

This is a traditional Iranian dish which is prepared across the country based on the nature of each geographic region. Different types of Persian Aush are often named after the regions or cities where it is cooked. The names of others are based on the ingredients of this original Iranian food. For example, if you use tomato more than any other ingredient, it is called tomato Aush. Or, for instance, if  we cook it mainly based on barley or wheat, it’s called barley or wheat Aush. Plus, other types have been named after a particular individual occasion.

In fact, we have more than 200 types of Aush in Iran. And some of them are:

verjuice Aush, plum Aush, pomegranate Aush, barley Aush, tomato Aush, Doogh Aush, Aush-e Reshteh (thin noodles), Sholehqalamkar Aush (Hotch-Potch), yogurt (mast) Aush, Mung bean Aush without meat, Yazdi Aush, wheat Aush, Fruits Aush of Ardabil, Aush-e Reshteh with tomato juice, Abadani Aush, tooth Aash (for celebrating your baby’s first tooth), Kohlrabi Aush, chickpea Aush, bean sprouts Aush, Saak Aush, spinach Aush, Senegahsir Aush, Bulgur and milk Aash, meat Aush, lentils and pomegranate Aush, vine leaf Aush, Ashooreh Aush, eggplant Aush, Bibiseshanbeh Aush, Qaliyeh Aush of Gilan, milk Aush, sholeh Mashhadi Aush, prune Aush, cabbage Aush, turnip Aush, dill and broad bean Aush, celery Aush, Bulgur Aush, greengage Aush, Manti Aush, tamarind Aush, Torsh (sour) Aush, Mast (yogurt) Aash of Shiraz, Masova Aush, etc.

Everything you need to know about Persian Aush
Everything you need to know about Persian Aush

Persian Aush, from the old days until now

At first, due to its simple and inexpensive materials, it was a food for the lower-class Iranians in society. But after a while, it found its way into the upper-class wealthy Iranian families as well.

Iranians and non-Iranians who have described the historical periods of Iranian cuisine emphasized the existence of Aush in their meals. Eugène Aubin, the French ambassador to Iran in Qajar era, writes: “despite the fact that two kinds of rice-made food exist in every meal of wealthy Iranians, Aush is always present on their table as well.”

Aush-e Reshteh is currently the favorite Aush in the country and restaurants all over the country serve it. However, the most popular Aash among the people of Tehran used to be Sholehqalamkar Aush. May be because most of the Iranian foods are meat-base and this one is one of the few ones with meat.

Having said that, “Aush has been the most important dish of people of Tehran during the last century”. Says the owner of the “Sarcheshmeh traditional cooking” store, Fereydoon sultan mohammadi whose kitchen is the oldest in Tehran.

Everything you need to know about Persian Aush
Everything you need to know about Persian Aush


Vegetables and herbs, grains, Kashk, and fried onion are the major ingredients of different types of Aush. So as you see, it’s a vegetarian Iranian dish but some of them contain meat or cow and calf shin. Most of the ones with meat or shin are homemade and restaurants serve those without meat. Accordingly, vegetarians can count on this food during their trip to Iran. Persian Aush

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