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Visit Ganjalikhan complex, the popular Kerman attraction

To visit Ganjalikhan complex, you should go to the old center of Kerman near the great market of the city. Ganjalikhan, the most famous governor of Kerman province from 1597 to 1625 built many monuments during the Safavid era. And this complex is one the most important ones among all. Kerman attractions

The architect and constructor of the complex are Soltan Mohammad Yazdi and Ganjalikhan respectively. And they built the complex in Isfahani style of architecture. The GanjaliKhan complex covers an area of 11,000 square meters and consists of several buildings. Some of the spectacular buildings within the complex are described below. Kerman attractions


A square in the city center on the margin of the great market is a famous monument of the complex. The square is surrounded by market on three sides and by Ganjalikhan Sara on one side. Brick arches, tiles, green spaces, ponds and other spectacular artworks have dramatically enhanced the beauty of this square. Speaking of urbanization principles, this monument is a true representation of square in Iran. Especially because of the proper layout of leading urban elements around the square. Moreover, the square is for pedestrians only and there’s no way through it in a vehicle.

About the most important square in Isfahan

visit Ganjalikhan complex. one of the popular Kerman attractions
visit Ganjalikhan complex. one of the popular Kerman attractions


For visiting the bazaar, tourists need to go to the southern part of Ganjali Square. You can find the Ganjalikhan’s historic bathhouse and eighteen shops on the right side of the Bazaar. Due to designing the arches on left side, the hucksters sell a variety of goods in the public. Lastly, visitors are able to see the Zargari bazaar known as Qaisariya at the far end of this bazaar.

Tabriz Historic Bazaar Complex


This mosque is on the northeast side of Ganjali Khan Square. It seemingly served as a prayer room for the great caravanserai of the complex or the school next to it. The mosque covers a small area and consists of a shabestan and an entrance Iwan. The Iwan façade is very simple and depicts some geometric designs. The material of the Iwan’s floor is tile, and a stone inscription is above the wooden entrance door.

Visitors should pass a narrow corridor to reach the entrance Iwan. And this corridor has a way to the domed part of the shabestan space. The dome has 12 light wells. The mosque also includes a Mihrab with a marble plate covered with motifs of a vase. The decoration of the Shabestan includes painting, plaster, Muqarnas and Karbandi. The authorities have recently refurbished it and it’s currently used as a tourism attraction, rather than a public prayer space.

visit Ganjalikhan complex. one of the popular Kerman attractions
visit Ganjalikhan complex. one of the popular Kerman attractions


The bathhouse portal bears stucco works and paintings that are of two classes. The upper part consists of Muqarnas that date back to the Safavid era. And its decoration is full of foliage motifs and stucco. The lower part dates back to the Qajarera and consists of paintings that superimpose the Safavid decorations. These paintings actually depict themes associated with classical Iranian poetry. You can watch scenes of Bahram e Gor story, Khosrow and Shirin myths, some scenes of kings hunting animals, camel caravans and predatory animals there. Moreover, below the paintings, there is a green marble inscription with a poem carved on it in Nastaliq style. It’s good to know that this inscription dates back to 1611 AD. visit Ganjalikhan comple

Ganjalikhan complex
Ganjalikhan complex

School and caravanserai

Today, Ganjali Khan School and Caravanserai serve as one of the most famous seminaries in Kerman. This building is on the east side of Ganjali Khan Square. In old days, this building served as a famous school but later, people converted it to a caravanserai. The tiles of the inscription installed on the building portal bears the date 1598 AD. And the architect of the building was Mohammad Soltani Yazdi. Finally, it’s good to know that this school currently serves as the faculty of art that is affiliated with the Bahonar University of Kerman. visit Ganjalikhan complex

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