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Two international news from Iran

While people are discussing the tensions between Iran and US, we have 2 inspiring international news from Iran. First one is marvelous news about easing the transportation between Iran and Turkey. And second one is about an Iranian tourist who struggles for peace. international news from Iran

international news from Iran
international news from Iran

Iran and Turkey resume passenger train services

Iran and Turkey are going recommence passenger train services as of late June, the deputy director of the Islamic Republic of Iran Railways said.

Travel between Tehran and Van starts on June 25 and between Tehran and Ankara on June 27, Mir-Hassan Mousavi said. international news from Iran

“Four-star trains with sleeper facilities are primarily set to offer a weekly service between Iranian and Turkish cities. Besides, officials see the possibilities for extending it to twice-a-week or daily services if it’s welcomed by passengers.

Journey from Tehran to Van and to Ankara will take 22 hours and 60 hours, respectively.

Tehran-Ankara and Tehran-Van journeys take 22 hours and 60 hours and they have been priced at €43 and €20, respectively.

 In January-November 2018, 1.894 million Iranian tourists visited Turkey, 18.17 percent less than the same period in 2017, according to data compiled by Turkey’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

international news from Iran
international news from Iran

Iranian cyclists promote peace

Two Iranian cyclists, Keramat Azizzadeh and Abdollah Mesbah, have started their trip around the world on their bikes to plant trees and promote peace.

The two cyclists have marked the beginning of their journey by planting trees at Department of Environment with environment chief Issa Kalantari in attendance.

Azizzadeh and Mesbah are ambassadors of peace and environmental activists who dedicated 17 years of their life to travel around the world and convey peace massages on their bikes.
Azizzadeh told IRNA that “we have so far planted 2,010 saplings in 5 continents, in an attempt to promote protection of the environment, healthy living and encouraging cycling to tackle air pollution around the world.

“We start our trip in Iran by touring 7 provinces of Alborz, Qazvin, Gilan, Ardabil, East and West Azarbaijan, and plant trees in those provinces,” he added.

“After these provinces, we travel to Georgia, Armenia, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway and South America, to cultivate 1,400 trees.

The journey will take 6 months, he concluded. international news from Iran

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