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Shazdeh Mahan Garden, a green oasis in Kerman

Shazdeh Mahan Garden, situated 2km away from Mahan in Kerman province, is one of the most beautiful gardens in Iran. In the past, this area that was actually situated beside the Silk Road and the road that linked Kerman to Bam was the most suitable site for construction of a royal garden. The garden was later referred to as the Shazdeh Mahan Garden. This garden is still intact and catches the eyes of any passerby as a glorious oasis in a desert. Factors like fertile soil, adequate sunshine, favorable breeze, and water have provided the ground for formation of an admirable domain. Thanks to the sky-high trees and the streams running through the Garden, it looks like an Eden in a desert.

In addition to preserving historical values and architecture, the garden serves as a recreational area. In fact, it has a variety of public facilities such as hotel and restaurant. Besides, this garden is so popular that many people wish to celebrate their new year in it.

Shazdeh Mahan Garden
Shazdeh Mahan Garden

Construction of the Shazdeh Mahan Garden at a glance

Shazdeh Mahan Garden that dates back to the late Qajar era was built on the slopes of the Tigran Mountains. Because this area had a reputation for their beautiful nature and pleasant weather. Mohammad Hasan Khan Qajar Sardar Iravani, the governor of Kerman ordered his men to construct this garden. And then, Abdolhamid Mirza Naserodolleh, the next governor of the city, launched the construction operation a few years later. The construction was left unfinished though. The garden covers a rectangular space and was built in an approximate ratio of 4:1.

The buildings within this garden are divided into three classes. The main building that is situated at the upper end of the Shazdeh Mahan Garden. The portal structure is situated at the entrance and other service buildings are tangent to the main wall from outside. The portal enjoys an open architecture that gives an unblocked view of the garden from different angles.

The main building is the tallest structure in the garden. And it is perpendicular to the main axis and is situated at the far end of the garden. Water, as the essence of life in this garden, pours from the upper end of the garden. There are two pools at the far ends of the main axis. We can see them right opposite to the first platform where the main building and the entrance are visible. This vast body of water and the soothing sound of water as it flows across the garden is really enjoyable. Like other Persian gardens, you can observe a long wall around the Shazdeh Mahan Garden. By delineation of garden territory and the area occupied by internal and external buildings, this wall detaches the garden from the surrounding areas.

Shazdeh Mahan Garden
Shazdeh Mahan Garden

Shazdeh Mahan Garden, a lush one in the heart of a desert

Upon entering the garden, the flow of water will be the first thing that catches your eyes. The Tigran Qanat and River provide the Garden’s water. The water flowing in this river and Qanat actually originates from Joopar Mountain streams fed by melting snow. As a result, water flows in through the most elevated part of the garden. Then it finds its way into an amazing water distribution and irrigation system.

In fact, the steep slope of the ground allows water to naturally stream through the garden. Furthermore, this slope serves as the basic principle in construction of such gardens. The walkways developed along the left and right sides of the stream as well as the streams flowing at the edge of the sidewalks. Actually they serve as a borderline that detaches the traffic space from the green spaces within the garden. These streams finally flow towards the trees in order to fill them with life and vitality.

Shazdeh Mahan Garden is one of the 9 Persian gardens, which was registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List on June 30, 2011.

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