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Babolsar, the sea, the mountain, and the green nature

The winding road which wraps around the mountain like a snake, brings me to the land of the sea. Humid air, paddy fields, intact forests, and nice pure people all called me. No one is able to know Mazandarn by photos. You have to be a traveler, pick up your backpack, and leave for Mazandaran freely to understand the beauty of the northernmost province of Iran. northern citiesof iran

At the end of the road turn, when you come down the hill, the humidity is the first thing to greet you. Then you realize that you are approaching the destination. The road turns green and suddenly you find yourself in the middle of the forest. I traveled to this province to visit a city called Babolsar. My uncle was famous among the members of the family as Marco polo. He had always told stories of his own journeys. He had always said that he had seen everything in the world and yet had never seen anywhere more beautiful than Babolsar. This time I made up my mind to understand what is special about this city that fascinated him so much. I drove highways to get to Babolsar, a city closer to the sea than to the mountain.


The confluence of the river and the sea

It is a city with a charming river crowded with fishing and recreational boats. In fact, the main part of the city is located along this river. Walking alongside the river, you can see old buildings of the city built in Russian style. northern citiesof iran

Of course, modern and new buildings are visible next to the old ones. However, people have highly tried to preserve the antique style of the bazaar of the city. Like local markets which are common all over the world, many farmers and fishers bring their products here to trade. People with dark skins and sweet accents tell you everything you want about the town. At the end of the river, you reach the Caspian Sea. The confluence of the river and the sea creates an inimitable scene that everybody should have first-hand experience of. In Babolsar, there is a dock called Mel where I highly recommend going on and watching the confluence scene.

The city is full of beautiful stylish coastal towns. These villas are so gorgeous that you would imagine for a moment that you have traveled to Spain instead of Northern Iran. These villas are for rent and everyone can enjoy the sea and the beach. Besides, these settlements are good places to meet wealthy Iranian youngsters. Once the sun sets, the rich youth gatherings begin in these towns; dance, music, sing, smoke, and alcohol-free beer. northern citiesof iran

He had always said that he had seen everything in the world and yet had never seen anywhere more beautiful than Babolsar
He had always said that he had seen everything in the world and yet had never seen anywhere more beautiful than Babolsar

What to do if you like rural scenes  

If you are among those who prefer rural houses, ask the locals in Babolsar. To reach the wilderness and see rural life in northern Iran, agents guide you to achieve your goal. Though, there are frauds that do nothing but taking money, just like any part of the world. Consequently, we advise you that instead of referring to individuals, ask for guidance from a travel agency in the city. This way, you can be sure that you would return to your country with a nice impression of Iran. By doing so, not only you get where you want, but there is no need to worry about the potential scams.

Visit Babolsar to experience the beauties of this part of Iran, as well. northern citiesof iran

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