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Iran Exporting Iranian Nano Carpets to Persian Gulf countries

A carpet weaving company in Iran is seeking to export to regional countries its Iranian nano carpets. These carpets have anti-bacterial, anti-odor and anti-radiation features.

The carpet-weaving company started the mass production of its nano-products last year, and now they are selling nano carpets inside the country.

Considering the attractiveness of the products, the company has a special program to export Iranian nano carpets. On this basis, Iranian nano carpets were presented at Turkey’s “DEMOTEX” in 2019, ISNA reported.

In view of the innovations made in these carpets, negotiations have been conducted with distributors in the Persian Gulf countries including Oman and the UAE. 

Currently, nano-carpets account for 10 percent of the company’s products, and with further development the owners are trying to increase the share of nano-products.

Features of Iranian Nano Carpets

Nano Carpets
Nano Carpets

Primary nano-materials of these carpets are supplied by domestic companies. These nano-materials were used in the warp and woof of the carpets to create anti-bacterial properties. The company uses zinc oxide to create anti-bacterial properties on acrylic fibers.

The Iranian nano carpets do not cause skin and respiratory problems and are a good choice for people with allergies.

Also, since children are more in touch with carpet surfaces and given the weakness of their immune system, the use of such carpets reduces the risk of skin diseases and allergies.

In addition, its anti-odor properties make the carpets suitable for crowded and public places such as mosques, etc. The nano-particles placed in the carpet fibre do not change the texture and natural sense of the carpet.

In fact, by using the nanotechnology, the properties of the carpet can be changed in such a way that its basic properties, including the comfort and softness of the carpet, are maintained, and no changes are made to the appearance of the carpet.

Moreover, with the addition of anti-radiation and anti-static materials to the carpet, the durability of the carpet is increased. And the colour of the carpet stays constant for a longer time. 

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