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Top ten thing to eat that you should try in Iran

Foods are an important and attractive part of the trip to Iran. That is why we have considered two different sections on in2iran.com dedicated to this subject. The first section is the “meal time” that deals with the introduction and the recipes of foods. And the other one is the “food culture” that analyzes food habits in Iran. Surely, as a tourist who is going to visit Iran for two weeks at most, you do not have the chance to try all Persian dishes, desserts, and original drinks. The variety of Iranian drinks and dishes is such that it is highly unlikely that even the Iranians themselves have been able to try all of them during their 60-70-year lifetime. That’s why we offer you the top ten things to eat in Iran which you can hardly find outside Iran. This list includes items similar to ones in many other countries, particularly Asian and Middle Eastern countries. However, we put these in the top ten list because of their different flavor and taste from their foreign counterparts. Must-eat in Iran 

Persian rice

Rice is one of the most important parts of Persian cuisine. We Iranians have a special keenness on rice. In fact, we do not consider rice produced in any country as good as rice cultivated in northern Iran. This idea may seem a little nationalistic and even silly in your view. But if you have already cooked rice in your home and then try Persian rice, you will change your mind. Must-eat in Iran 

Since Persian rice is expensive and cooking it for more than six people is hard, many restaurants use Indian rice. Consequently to make sure that the rice you eat is genuinely Persian, ask your tour guide or Iranians who know local restaurants.

Iranians have a special keenness on rice
Iranians have a special keenness on rice


The fact is that we, the Iranians, have a lot of imported stuff from Europe. These include foods, pastries, drinks, and desserts as we commute to Europe a lot. On your trip to Iran, you will encounter a variety of Italian ice-cream which is very delicious. Anyways, Faloodeh is an original Iranian dessert and ice cream. And you can find it in almost all confectioneries and ice-cream shops.

Sausages and cold cuts

Sausages and cold cuts are undoubtedly imported to Iran and of course, Iranians do not consider them as real foods. You have already tried them in your own country for sure, but you are not familiar with Iranian ones. There are special spices in sausages and cold cuts; they mostly based on garlic and pepper. Some contain pistachio or mushrooms, too. The important thing about Iranian sausages and cold cuts is to pick a reliable brand. Neither the quality nor the taste of all brands is the same. Accordingly, get help from an informed Iranian before trying them.

Ghormeh Sabzi

Another completely distinct and lovely dish for you is Ghormeh sabzi stew. The Iranians usually serve this food with rice. The Ghormeh sabzi is green in color. And it smells delightful as it has different vegetables, large chunks of meat, red beans, and dried lime as ingredients. The special aroma of this stew is because of mixture vegetables; Iranians carefully mix these vegetables by a specific ratio. Try this flavorful dish together with Persian rice and Shirazi salad.

Must-eat in Iran
Must-eat in Iran

Shashlik kebab

On your trip to Iran, you will surely get familiar with a variety of kebabs. These kebabs are different in terms of their cooking style and flavor. Our special offer is to choose Shashlik out of a variety of Kebabs. It is made of large chunks of lamb sirloin. Restaurants serving this dish often use fresh meat along with a little special spice. You can serve this kebab with Persian rice as well as bread. With or without rice, Shashlik is a fancy food usually for upper class of the Iranian community.

Must-eat in Iran
Must-eat in Iran

Pashmak (Cotton candy)

One of the special pastries and desserts of Iran is Pashmak. Pashmak is made of cotton-like strands of water, sugar, and other flavorings. It has an odd appearance, and seeing for the first time is certainly a fascinating experience. When you touch Pashmak, it feels like touching a piece of cloud. In the past, Pashmak was only available as a large white volume wrapped around a wooden stick. However, given the popularity of this delicious product, many different kinds of Pashmak is now available in the market. Chocolate Pashmak and ones with fruit flavorings are some delicious examples of them that you can find in Iran, considering your taste. Yet, it’s good to know that the original yummy Pashmak that we propose is those produced and packed in Yazd. Besides, there are only two types of Pashmaks of Yazd which are the simple white Pashmak and the chocolate Pashmak.

Must-eat in Iran
Must-eat in Iran


If you are an Italian, we are going to offer you more than any other tourist to test Iranian Pizza. Indeed, you will never forget this experience as the taste of Iranian Pizza is so different and amazing. Popular Pizzas in Iran are completely different from what you call a pizza, regarding their shape and taste. The Iranians mix a lot of ingredients together to make a pizza. As a result, Iranian pizza is much thicker than the rest of the world. But as Iranians try to get a pleasant flavor mixing the ingredients, most people do not regret testing it.


The Iranians consume pottages more than any other country and Aush (pottage) is one of the most important Iranian appetizers. The basic ingredients of Aush-e- reshteh are different vegetables, and it is a kind of vegetarian dish. Aush-e- reshteh is made of different vegetables with chickpeas, beans, lentils, fried onion, fried garlic, Reshteh, and Kashk. This pottage is found most frequently during the winter and Ramadan in restaurants and food stands. Especially in the cafés where the hikes usually visit such as the cafés of Tochal Mountain and Abali Ski Resort. Must-eat in Iran 

Reshteh is a paste in the form of thin noodles and contains salt.

Tah Dig

In the beginning we told you about Persian rice and its taste. Now, we are going to talk about the browned crust of rice at the bottom of the pot. In Iranians view, the fried rice with oil at the bottom of the cooking pot is called Tah Dig. It is delicious crunchy rice that is always on the Iranians food table. Of course, we have to mention that Tah Dig is not always fried rice. Sometimes Iranians use ingredients such as bread, potatoe, lettuce, or even zucchini in their Tah Dig in the following way. Before cooking the rice, they put one of these items in the pot, add desired spices. And then, speared the rice over them and let it cook well. No matter what’s at the bottom of the pot, it must be fried well. Then, Tah Dig is ready!

ah Dig is not always fried rice
ah Dig is not always fried rice

Try your own country’s food in our country!

The major cities of Iran, especially the capital of the country, welcome the international food. Therefore there are various ethnic restaurants in Tehran. Accordingly, no matter from which country you traveled to Iran, you find a restaurant serving specific dishes of your country. Our last offer of must-eat in Iran is to find your country’s restaurant and try your local foods in our country. We have already mentioned that Iranians are the masters of altering tastes and flavors. Now you must know that we have changed the foods of your country according to our taste! So you are going to experience your country’s food with a very different taste and perhaps you will be shocked! Must-eat in Iran 

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