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Azadi Tower, a landmark to symbolize Iran

The history of Azadi Tower (literally: Freedom Tower) dates back to 1966. In that year, a competition was held to design a symbol that represents Iran. Iranian architects took part in the competition and finally, authorities chose the design of Hossein Amanat. Amanat’s design won the prize while he was only 24 and had recently graduated from Tehran University. Anyway, the construction began on November 2, 1969, and after 28 months, it was inaugurated on January 14 ,1972. Then king named it “Shahyad Tower” which literally means Shah’s Memorial Tower. In that ceremony, Iranians unveiled Cyrus Cylinder, the world’s first charter of human rights, for the first time.

Following the 1979 Revolution, then authorities renamed it to Azadi Tower which literally means freedom tower.

Azadi Tower
Azadi Tower

The features of Tower

The architecture of the tower is a combination of Achaemenid, Sassanid and Islamic architecture. This three-story building consists of four elevators, two staircases and 286 stairs. Visitors can reach the tower walls by two elevators, then, they take the first elevator and reach the concrete ceiling. The interesting thing about the architecture of the tower is that none of the ceilings are closed. In fact, they all lead to an upper space.

This building is 63 meters long and 45 meters high from ground level. In the construction of the Tower, the architects used 25000 blocks of carved stone.

Azadi square, on which the Azadi Tower is located, is in rectangular form in top view. In side view, it looks like an Achaemenid soldier.

Azadi Tower
Tehran attraction

The usage of Azadi Tower for inhabitants

For people of Tehran, this tower is the symbol of the capital, a unique architectural monument, and a cultural-art complex. Every day, people use its functional facilities such as museums, libraries, galleries, multi-purpose halls, and other facilities.

The final point is that until the opening of the Milad Tower, the Azadi Tower was the symbol of Tehran Metropolis. Since 2008, however, Iranians consider Milad Tower as the main symbol of their capital.

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