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Tabriz, the house of the first seamless carpet in the world

During six years, the artists of Tabriz have woven the first 600-square-meters seamless carpet in the world.

This carpet has unique characteristics. For example, people have worked in two shifts over six years to finish this 600-square-meter carpet with 70 colors and 3 tons in weight.

“The current designs in the East Azerbaijan province include Lachak Arabesque (Eslimi Lachak), Toranj Arabesque (Eslimi Toranj), and a combination of traditional designs.” Said the director of the seamless carpet manufacturing company in an interview with Mehr News Agency.

“Currently, we are weaving four carpets in a total area of 2,000 square meters. And Iran will export these carpets to the Persian Gulf countries, Europe, China, and Russia. Moreover, for this project we have directly employed 400 people,” added Mansour Alipour Fard.

The first 600-square-meters seamless carpet in the world
The first 600-square-meters seamless carpet in the world

The organization of Industry, Mine, and Trade of Iran (OIMTI) supports carpet weaving

The head of carpet section of OIMTI in East Azerbaijan province also stated that the region weaves one million square meters of carpet annually. “Iran has exported $ 100 million worth of carpets to Russia, China, European and Arab countries last year,” he also mentioned.

“OIMTI supports insurance, low-interest loans, and the supply of raw materials at an affordable cost,” Nasser Avishan added. “Also, we have taken some measures so that our carpet weavers can be more active in producing silk carpets.”

“More than 80 percent of the cost of handmade carpets is related to wages. And the cost of raw materials is only 10 percent of the total carpet price.” He asserted.

Last but not the least, weaving carpet and its exports are essential businesses in Iran. According to Haji Aghamiri, a member of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Germans are the primary customers of Persian handmade carpet. And the turnover of Iran’s carpet exports to this country was as much as the total exports of Persian carpet to other parts of the world. Even for a while, Hamburg Port turned into the center of exported Persian carpet.

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