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Gonbade Kavus Food Meal time

What to eat in Gonbad e Kavus?

Golestan is one of the provinces of Iran with a rich historical background that includes different cultures and ethnicities. The green nature, the existence of different ethnicities, and its proximity to the Caspian Sea have a particular influence on the culture and tastes of this region. In this article, we are going to introduce local dishes of Golestan, especially Gonbad e Kavus. exotic food


Chekdermeh, Chekdirmeh, or Chegderimeh tops the list of traditional dishes of Golestan Province. This food is a formal meal which Iranians serve on important occasions like weddings. This food resembles Spanish rice and belongs to the Bandar Torkaman and AqQala. The people of Gonbad e Kavus and Gorgan cook this food in a pot called Ghazan in a traditional form. Meat, rice, onion, tomato paste, oil, salt and pepper are the primary ingredients of this food. However, some people use fish instead. People in this region serve Chekdermeh with Iranian side dishes like Doogh and leaf vegetables.

exotic food
exotic food

Sak Stew

Sak Stew is one of the traditional dishes of Golestan Province especially Gonbad e Kavus and Gorgan City. This dish is one of the favorite options of locals in ceremonies or funerals. Peas, pepper, meat, flour, spinach, oil, garlic, and onion are the main ingredients of this stew. Spinach used in this dish is rich in iron. Therefore, its nutritional value is high. Iranians usually serve Sak Stew with Iranian rice or rice and zereshk.

Mash polow (Mush beans and rice)

Mash polow is another traditional dish of Golestan. Although it is simple, Mash polow is a good starter in Iranian cuisine. We Iranians cook this food with mush beans, rice, ground meat, saffron, onion, olive oil, salt, and oil. However, some people do not use meat; but the more you use meat, your food will be tastier. We eat lettuce salad and leaf vegetables alongside this dish.

Yogurt Aush

Yogurt Aush Usually is one of those foods that we cannot attribute it to only one region in Iran. In fact, each of the cities of Iran makes Yogurt Aush with regard to its culture, taste, and local vegetables available in that area. Golestan province is no exception. People in the province often use spinach and garlic leaves in cooking Yogurt Aush. Plus, they are big fans of Yogurt Aush, whether they prepare it cold or hot. Another point is that some local people also serve French fries with this Aush. It’s something pretty uncommon in Iranian cuisine, as Yogurt Aush is an original Iranian dish while French fries are fast food.

exotic food
exotic food

Gojeh Aush (tomato pottage)

Gojeh Aush is one of the simplest and most nutritious traditional foods. Gojeh Aush doesn’t specifically belong to Gorgan or Gonbad e Kavus. People of Hamedan and Tabriz also cook this Aush, but in relatively different ways. Its ingredients are meat, rice, onion, tomato, salt, and pepper. exotic food


Boolameh is a dish similar to Haleem and is an occasional food. People of Gorgan usually cook it on the seventh day of the baby’s birth. Cooking Boolameh is generally time-consuming since we need soaking rice in water for a day before cooking Boolameh. The next step is to fry soaked rice, then boiling it with water for 8 hours to create a dough. Afterward, we should mix the rice dough with a bit of sugar to become homogeneous. When sugar is fully absorbed, Boolameh is ready to eat.

exotic food
exotic food

Kapoor Kalleh

If you are a fan of seafood and fish, you should go to Golestan and test Kapoor Kalleh. It is one of the local dishes of Kordkuy City in Gorgan. Its ingredients are Kapoor Fish (Big head carp), garlic, parsley, onion, salt, turmeric and pomegranate paste. exotic food

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