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Filband, a village among the clouds

Filband is the highest mountain village of Mazandaran province. It is located in west Bandpey district, south of Babol. It looks like that the village is on top of the clouds. In fact, most of the days, the clouds pass by it like a calm blue sea and this breathtaking scenery stuns viewers. filband-in-mazanderan

People also know Filband as the Eastern Roof of Mazandaran as it is near Andevar summit (3392meters) and Hasinben summit. Its altitude also differs significantly from its adjacent points. In fact, Filband is about 2700 meters above sea level. And it is the highest mountain village of the central district of Mazandaran Province.

The name of this village is originally “Felband”. In Mazanderani language, “Fel” means tiredness and “band” means “stop” and “inability”. The reason behind this naming was the high altitude of the village. And also because of the existence of steep slopes on its road which used to make it difficult to pass.


The best time tovisit the roof of Mazandaran

The best time to visit this village is from mid-May to late-September. However, it doesn’t mean that the beauty of this village does not worth visiting the rest of the year. Filband is also spectacular in autumn and winter, but because of weather conditions, getting there is difficult. Besides, the winter always ends too late there.

The weather variety, natural beauties, landmarks, and wonderful sights can only be found in Filband. Filband has more than 1200 families in summer, but in winter it is generally uninhabited. In fact, the extreme coldness and the intensity of snow make it impossible to live in the village. Consequently, if you intend to travel to this part of Iran, plan to go to Filband during the summer. Especially because the locals in this area come back to the village in the warm months of the year.


One of the attractions of this village is the sea of clouds which is present most of the times. Sea of clouds is a wonderful landscape made of clouds. In fact, one of the motivations of the tourists to visit this village is visiting the extraordinary landscape of clouds passing below their feet

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