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Hey you! Together we stand, divided we fall…

Roll call and the smell of bus… These are the purest things I can feel so far.It is past 11:30 p.m. but we haven’t set off yet. I heard the sound of clapping hands and the travel began. travel experience in Iran

Arsalan… I hear this name constantly. I think he is one of the guys who always accompanies the tour plans. To me, it is a new experience by far. Unlike my previous travels that nobody talked on the bus, here everyone is talking and the smell of youth is felt in the bus.

The woman sitting next to me says that she has decided to come at 9:00 p.m. and now she has come. She is the good and special happening for me in this trip.

Bus seats are old and some of them broken. It seems that only the speakers are new.

One of the lessons I have just learned is that the most ridiculous songs can be pleasant and interesting in travel.

travel experience in Iran
travel experience in Iran

I think nobody will sleep until the early morning. I mean it seems so. I thought everybody may sleep but I won’t and get bored. So, I downloaded the animation “The Wizard of Oz” to watch. Sleeping in bus is a nightmare to me. Especially now that an attractive woman is sitting next to me.

I remember I had read somewhere in Persian short stories that sleeping in bus is the most difficult type of sleeping after the rocket nights of Tehran and the nights falling in love.

She is taking some selfies and says that she is going to upload them in their group. A woman comes to us and helps us with some candies. I think it is as if we’re going to fly because they give candies at planes too.

I spoke it up looking at her. She smiles and begins talking about herself. One of the good things in travel is getting familiar with new people. Knowing new people expands the human geography at once.

Olasbelanga is the name of a beautiful place waiting for us. It is located in Masal and its name reminds me of the some places in Spain.

travel experience in Iran
travel experience in Iran

We are supposed to have an introduction plan, so that everyone tells about their name and job. We are also talking about the most beautiful place we have e ever seen.

The first two people were men and said they were single. The girls cheered and clapped a lot.

I said: The road from Chabahar to Gavater is the most beautiful place to me. One side of it is limited to the ocean and the other side is limited to Martian mountains.

After this introduction, the girl sitting next to me went to the tour leader until we arrived. At the destination, she came and took her backpack. I was feeling so bad. The whole night, I liked to get up and say at the middle of the bus: Hey you! Together we stand, divided we fall…

Now, my world is different from the world of last night. I believe that women are not beautiful in traveling. This is my conclusion in this pleasant morning among the views of mountain, forest, and beautiful cottages.

Here is a countryside called Sue Chaleh. The locals say Sue in Talysh language means hogweed. Here is the mine of hogweed but we begin our day with Persian tea making on fire. travel experience in Iran

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