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Tehran’s Tabiat Bridge at a glance

Tabiat Bridge (literally: Nature Bridge) is a three-level bridge in Abbasabad District, Tehran. This overpass bridge is located across Modarres Expressway and it is only for pedestrians. Tabiat Bridge has provided the connection between two distinct parks of the Tehran, Taleghani Park and Abo-Atash Park. 

With a unique structure, Tabiat Bridge is another new symbol of Tehran after Milad Tower.

First and foremost, his is the largest pedestrian overpass in the Middle East. Secondly, a young architecture, Leila Araghian is the designer of this bridge. Her design won a local competition and therefore the authorities chose it to build. The story behind the bridge is that there were two parks on both sides of the Expressway and the Municipality of Tehran wanted to connect them with a bridge. Consequently, the then Municipality accepted the Araghian’s design during a competition and started building it.

Design features of Tabiat Bridge

Structure design and the architecture of the Tabiat Bridge have started in the autumn of 2009 with different architecture and construction teams involved. The construction took about 4 years to finish. Tabiat Bridge was inaugurated in October 2014 as the third symbol of Tehran After Azadi Tower and Milad Tower. After the opening, people of Tehran have used it to spend their leisure time.

Architectures have built this bridge in the shape of a 270-meter curve on three large columns. Tabiat Bridge has different entrances, numerous paths, restaurants and cafes in three levels, and places for resting. Above all, Tabiat Bridge is a winner of Popular Choice Prize for Highways & Bridges from the Architizer A+ Awards.

Tabiat Bridge is a three-level bridge in Abbasabad District
Tabiat Bridge is a three-level bridge in Abbasabad District

Inspired by two famous old bridges of Isfahan, Si-o-se-pol and Khaju Bridge where there used to be traditional tea houses people used to gather and read poems, Araghian have designed this bridge.

Bridges have always been linked with the ontological character of Iranians. Isfahan, one of the most attractive tourist cities in Iran, has two of the most beautiful bridges of Iran from 17th century. In other parts of Iran, you can see other beautiful bridges too, indicating that the bridge architecture has been important. Then, it is not surprising that technology today is advancing in such a way that Iranian designers has reformed it in a new and modern form. It is the pedestrian overpass bridge in Iran and the largest one in the Middle East.

In addition to walking on this bridge which is 40 meters above ground level, you can enjoy its cafes and restaurants.

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