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What is rock candy?

Rock candy (sugar candy or rock sugar, in Persian: Nabat) is a sweet consumed by Iranians usually with tea. Rock candy has a sweet taste and it is as the older version of present candies. In fact, rock candy is the consolidated and crystallized form of the sugar-water solution produced traditionally and industrially.  Iranian Rock candy

In Humorism, rock candy has a hot nature. That is why it has been used as a remedy for imbalanced cold humors in the Persian tradition. Also, it is known for its laxative and anti-bloating properties. As a result, it has a special place in the Iranian food culture.

Other than that, rock candy has been a symbol of happiness in Iran for a long time. Hence, this sweet is always present at weddings in Iran.

There is no specific reliable source on the history and the origin of rock candy. However, it is very likely that natives of Iran and Indian subcontinent were the first people who first introduced and consumed rock candy.

The word Nabat, the Persian equivalent of rock candy, literally means plant, because ancient Egyptians and Persians used to take herbal medicines the same way we use rock candy today.


How rock candy is made?

Rock candy is made of the supersaturated solution of sugar (sucrose) and water. Then, as a result of a physical change depended on time and temperature, stunning crystals start to form. There are different types of rock candy in Iran such as rock candy on strings, rock candy on wooden sticks, crushed rock candy, mixed rock candy, cardamom and cinnamon rock candy, saffron rock candy, rock candy curtain, and powdered rock candy. These different types of rock candy are fairly the same regarding their structure. Some of them are different in appearance and some others like cardamom, cinnamon, and saffron rock candy are flavored.

Candy on strings and rock candy on wooden sticks are the most favorable types of rock candy in Iran.


Properties of a good candy

Nice rock candy has a sweet taste. It comes in white or saffron colors with large clear crystals. A nice rock candy should not contain sodium dithionite. Besides, the thinner rock candies have better quality. And finally, a premium rock candy has clear crystals. Iranian Rock candy

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