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Top 10 museums in Iran

Having an ancient history and rich culture, these items are the most strong points of tourism in Iran. As a result, historical sites, monuments and museums are the major representatives of Iran’s history. There are totally 600 active museums across the country, but here we’re going to introduce 10 important museums in Iran. Top 10 museums in Iran

Afif-Abad Garden in Shiraz

This garden is in Afif-Abad Street in Shiraz. And it was originally built during the Safavid era but urban managers of Qajar period had built its mansion. Right now, this garden is known among Iranians as a historical weapons museum. The mansion of the Afif-Abad Garden is a valuable building in terms of architecture. Moreover, You can see fountains, carved marbles, colorful glasses, and various tiling scan in the architecture of this garden. In this museum, you can travel through history. Military weapons and various defense supplies from the Qajar Period, the Persian constitutional revolution, Pahlavi Period, and personal weapons of kings are the most important parts of the museum.

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Top 10 museums in Iran
Top 10 museums in Iran

Iranian Zoroastrian Anthropology Museum in Kerman

As a tourist you can find this museum is on Shohada Street along with the Zoroastrian Fire Temple in Kerman. But the museum building is separated from the temple. However, you can find books, documents, fire pots, clothes, and other artifacts regarding the Zoroastrian history and culture.

The Qajar Museum of Tabriz

The Qajar Museum or Amir Nezam House is one of the attractions of Tabriz. This house had belonged to Amir Nezam Garroosy. He used to be one of the provincial governors of Azerbaijan and the Iranian Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire. This mansion includes the hall, Pond House (HowzKhaneh), Iwan, Andaruni and Biruni (interior and exterior courtyard) with magnificent Qajari architecture. Coins, musical instruments, porcelain dishes, mirrors, lanterns, and weapons from the Qajar period are on display in this house.

National Museum of Iran in Tehran

The museum is one of the most famous and richest museums in Iran. And you can find artifacts in two separate museums. Furthermore, in the ancient Iranian section, you will find objects of the Stone Age up to the Sassanid Era. In the Islamic section, which is a new museum, there are artifacts related to the Islamic civilization era.

National Museum of Iran in Tehran
National Museum of Iran in Tehran

Pars Museum in Shiraz

The Pars Museum is actually the pavilion of Shiraz (Kolah Farangi Mansion). This is also where Karim Khan Zand was buried. While visiting, you will notice that it is not like a cemetery at all. You enter a museum where you can see objects from different periods of time. Porcelain, pottery, and metal dishes, in addition to manuscripts and paintings, are important works of the museum.

Constitution House of Tabriz

Constitution House or Museum of Tabriz had been a place for the meeting of the revolution heads and making important decisions. This two-story building is in the ‘Bazaar of Tabriz’ district. Constitutional documents, personal belongings of the revolution heads such as SattarKhan and BagherKhan are available in this museum. In addition, this building is valuable regarding its architecture.

Isfahan Music Museum

We have already talked about the Isfahan Music Museumin “Top 10 things to do in Isfahan”. Tourists now can visit this new museum to get familiar with various musical instruments from different periods and regions of Iran. The interesting thing about this museum is that some instruments are available to the public to play. The Music Museum is one of the most visited museums in Isfahan. And you have to go to Jolfa neighborhood to visit it.

Top 10 museums in Iran
Top 10 museums in Iran

Vank Cathedral Museum

Vank Cathedral of Isfahan is one of the main tourist attractions in Isfahan. Consequently, all tourists usually visit it on their trip to Isfahan. You can find the works of Iranian Christians in various centuries in this cathedral. The interesting thing about this cathedral-museum is that most of the works in the museum are donated. In addition, if you are a fan of manuscripts and painting, you can find unique samples there.

Hamedan Museum of Natural History

The Hamedan Museum of Natural History is in the ‘Bu Al Sina University’ in Hamedan. Moreover, authorities have collected different kinds of species ranging from birds, reptiles, aquatic animals, mammals… in the form of taxidermy. They also provided plants from Iran and the world in three halls for visitors. Besides preservation of natural works, the museum works on various species. The researchers of the museum have been able to find new fossils and displayed them in the museum.

Carpet Museum of Iran in Tehran

One of the most popular museums in Tehran is the Carpet Museum of Iran. The museum is located on the northern side of Laleh Park. There is a wide variety of things being displayed in this museum. Besides, carpeting masterpieces from the artistic and academic point of view are part of these works along with Kilims and rugs. You can also observe the most valuable Persian carpets from the past centuries which came from different cities of Iran. In fact, they are mostly from Kerman, Tabriz, Mashhad, and Isfahan. Finally,  you can also find books about carpet designing, carpet weaving training, and carpeting tools. Top 10 museums in Iran

Top 10 museums in Iran
Top 10 museums in Iran

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