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The delicious foods of Yazd at a glance

For Iranians, Yazd is equivalent to a colorful dish of pastries that cannot be found in any other city. But the truth is something else. Beside unique Iranian pastries, Yazd has a lot of delicious dishes. These foods make you familiar with the Iranian palate. and you would remember the taste of the foods for a long time. foods of Yazd

To taste the traditional foods of Yazd, you need to know a bit about the food habits of this province. For example, you should know that using yogurt in cooking is not common in Yazd. They have replaced yogurt in their food like Ab Doogh Khiar with Kashk. Ab Doogh Khiar is a plate in which people originally use cucumber, yogurt, walnut and raisin. foods of Yazd

In the morning, you can find Kopak, Latir, and traditional dried bread on their table in Yazd. In the cold months of the year, you can find the ArdehShireh (Tahini and syrup) and Halva Ardeh in any house in Yazd. Tea is very common among the people of Yazd and it is always with rock sugar. So Rock sugar is always beside the sugar cubes of Yazd on the breakfast table.

If you want to know a little about snacks, the first thing is that watermelon and pomegranate. They are the most widely used fruits in Yazd. Making the pomegranate paste is also popular in some parts of Yazd province in a special ceremony. The pomegranate paste of Yazd is thin, and to create a sweet-and-sour taste, quince is added to the mixture. However, sometimes people use the pomegranate paste is as a condiment or sauce.

People of Yazd also store a shelf of herbal distillates in their house all year round. During winter, they smash dried white mulberry and walnut to form a flat mixture and serve it as a delicious snack.

Local Food of Yazd

Aush has a special place in the cuisine of Yazd and people cook different types of it there. In fact, you can order any type of local Aush in any restaurant in Yazd.

The most famous and the most delicious Aush of Yazd is Aush-e Shooli. This is an easy-to-cook and tasty food and has a special place on the food table of people of Yazd. Other types of Aush in Yazd include:

Tamarind Aush, plum Aush, verjuice Aush, barley Aush, rolled oat Aush, pomegranate Aush, wheat Aush, mung bean Aush, cabbage Aush, and pumpkin Aush.

Yazd is one of the hottest cities in Iran. Consequently, since restaurants serve these Aushes in the cold months of the year in Iran, you can find them in Yazd from January until the end of March.

foods of Yazd
foods of Yazd

Different types of Koofteh in Yazd

Everyone would remember Tabriz talking about Koofteh. However, there are different kinds of Koofteh on the table of families as well, which are:

Split peas Koofteh

Split peas Koofteh is a dish similar to Koofteh Tabrizi. Its ingredients are aromatic herbs, raisin, barberry, fried onion, raw and cooked egg, ground beef, salt, spice, and tomato paste.

Koofteh Berenji

Iranian rice is the main ingredient of this popular delicious dish. Besides, it has ground beef or mutton, gram flour, scallion, parsley, dill, mint, split peas, egg, tomato paste, walnut, and barberry.

Koofteh Nokhodchi (beans)

Ground mutton, onion, egg, gram flour, and aromatic herbs including chives and parsley are the ingredients of this traditional dish. In the past, people used peas or split peas instead of gram flour. These grains were soaked overnight then smashed before being added to the Koofteh. Iranians also know this food as Koofteh Yazdi.

Koofteh Havij (carrot)

Ground beef, onions, carrot, flour, beans, tomato or pomegranate paste, and aromatic herbs are the ingredients of Koofteh Havij. However, Yazd is not the mere city where Iranians cook it.

foods of Yazd
foods of Yazd

Ghaliyeh in Yazd

There are two types of Ghaliyeh in Yazd:

Ghaliyeh Kadootanbal

Ghaliyeh Kadootanbal (pumpkin) is a delicious food that has a special place on the food table of people of Yazd. And it has sweet aroma and nice taste. In addition, Ghaliyeh Kadootanbal is rich with antioxidants. Pumpkin, kidney bean, mung bean, rice, onion, cinnamon, and black pepper are its ingredients.

foods of Yazd
foods of Yazd

Ghaliyeh Sibzamini (potato)

It is one of the forgotten foods of Yazd. Iranians cook it with potato, kidney bean or pinto bean, mung bean, onion, broken rice, turmeric, cinnamon, and black pepper.

Abgoosht-e Gojehva Bademjan (tomato and eggplant broth)

This food is a kind of Dizi. People know it as Abgoosht-e Gojehva Bademjan which literary means tomato and eggplant broth.

Mutton, split peas or beans, eggplant, oil, unripe grapes, tomato paste, potato, turmeric, and pepper are the ingredients of this delicious broth.


Felleh is the simplest food in Yazd. We know it by other names in different cities. And we prepare this food from the first milk of sheep or cow in early spring. The cook first boils the milk, and after its cool down, it thickens like porridge. Then it is ready to serve.


Faloodeh is one of the delicious desserts available in Yazd. The difference between this Faloodeh and the Faloodeh of Shiraz is its rice-like form and the use of black caraway (black cumin) while serving it.

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