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Changes to visa-free travel for Chinese citizens

Earlier, we posted a report that Chinese tourists could travel to Iran without a visa. It was about the decision of the Iranian government to remove the visa requirement for Chinese tourists, as a result of good relations between the two nations. However, the detailed news was that Chinese tourists could stay in Iran without a visa for 15 days. But now, this duration has increased to 21 days. visa-free travel for Chinese citizens

Thus, holders of the common passports of the People’s Republic of China and Special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macao with tourism and commercial purposes have the permission to enter Iran without a visa and stay for 21 days since July 16, 2019.

The Chinese can enter the territory of the Islamic Republic of Iran for tourism or trade according to this agreement.

However, the citizens of Taiwan still have to obtain a visa from the representatives of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Also, other Chinese citizens who request other types of visas must obtain it from the representatives of Iranian government. These are such as student visa, temporary worker visa, and journalist visa.

visa-free travel for Chinese citizens
visa-free travel for Chinese citizens

Developing tourism relations between the two countries

After this announcement, the Chinese ambassador to Iran had a press interview. “In my meeting with the Speaker of Parliament, I told that I will work toward the development of tourism in both countries. Iran has many natural and tourist resources, but the ordinary Chinese people are not familiar with Iran’s tourism potentials.” He added, “The Chinese embassy in Iran is tasked with developing tourism relations between the two countries and introducing Iran’s tourism destinations to the Chinese.”

“I have started my mission in Iran for only two months. But I have already told the Iranian minister of foreign affairs that I hope visit all 31 provinces of Iran. I also like to visit all 24 world heritage sites in my mission,” he told in the press conference.

“In 2018, around one hundred thousand Iranians have traveled to China,” he mentioned. visa-free travel for Chinese citizens

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