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Alicante Museum of Archaeology in Iran

“The National Museum of Iran hosts the exhibition of 300 historical Spanish artworks for Iranians. Some of these artifacts date back to 350 thousand years ago”, said the director of the National Museum of Iran. Alicante Museum of Archaeology in Iran 

The National Museum of Iran held this exhibition called “A Selection of Alicante Museum of Archaeology”. It was opened in the presence of the minister of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran, Spanish Ambassador to Iran, and the museum experts of Iran and Alicante Museum of Archaeology. The authorities are going to put the artifacts on display in Tehran September 22, 2019 to April 14, 2020.

Alicante Museum of Archaeology in Iran

“As there had been an Iranian exhibition in Spain, we were also interested in holding a Spanish exhibition in Iran”. Said the director of the National Museum of Iran, Jebreil Nokandeh. “This exhibition is our first image of the Mediterranean archaeology. By holding Dutch Archaeology Exhibition, we were introduced to the history of northern Europe. And now, we are going to get familiar with the artifacts of southern Europe. In addition, a 300-page book has published on the history of archaeology in Spain.” He added.

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“We have selected the best historical artworks and artifacts in the museum. Some of these artifacts had been discovered during the excavations done by museum team. Some others date back to less than 5 thousand years ago. The 350-thousand-year-old artifacts, however, date back to Paleolithic era”. The technical secretary of Alicante Museum of Archaeology mentioned.

“We perform 8 to 10 underwater excavations annually, mostly in Spanish coasts by a team of underwater cultural heritage specialists”. He added.

Jebreil Nokandeh, the director of the National Museum of Iran, announced that the artifacts and the historical artworks are being displayed in three galleries. “This exhibition is closed on Mondays. We get some assistance from European insurance companies to cover the Spanish historical works”, he declared.

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