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coronavirus in Iran: How do I pass days?

Coronavirus not only in Iran but also in the richest countries around the world has been a rough deal. Except for medical staff and healthcare systems, it’s also important for the peoples of the world how manage the situation. Mostly because it will pass and we need to learn the lesson. Otherwise, it does repeat over and over again until we get the punch line.

Although I’m still learning from coronavirus, this is my story how I have responded to the current situation. Plus, what I have learnt from the ugly disease. As it’s told “There are no accidents” and “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger….”

Me and Coronavirus in Iran, phase one

First I was afraid, I mean I was petrified. First I hardly dared breathe when I had to go for a walk or shopping. Spring was coming. And my allergy got started in case a cat came near to me or I touched a flower.  Consequently, every time I sneezed, I imagined myself on a bed at the hospital breathing via a life-saving ventilator.

First days I started to re-read The Plague, review Blindness and re-watch Contagions. I was wondering what if the damn virus is in the air and finds its way to my lungs? Just like it had happened in Contagions or in Blindness?

Then all the realities of the virus turned into an annoying pain in my neck. All the news, friendly conversations, videos, even jokes was about either the danger of the virus or the economic consequences. Whenever I wanted to have tomatoes in my salad, someone was whispering to my ears stop eating it. The chopped tomato could have been touched by a virus carrier.

As a result, I made a will. Death was so close that I couldn’t resist not thinking about it. Before the Covid-19, I thought I’m not afraid of death. I always wanted a death which is accompanied with a disease so I have time to complicate postponed matters. However, when I confronted it, I was scared stiff! Now, death was as unpleasant as it’s been for others. Suddenly, life seemed extremely short to me. All at once I felt how much things I have to do and complete. In watching ill people who were fighting with death, I was remembering my bucket list. Places I used to go and countries I desperately wish to travel to. People and foods I wanted to meet with and to taste once again.

Passing days during the crisis of Corona virus, phase two

Once I got that almost everybody is going to get sick by the virus, and it’s just a matter of time and medical facilities, I was freaked out but at the same time, I found some relief. In fact, I wondered that all of us die sooner or later, huh?! So I must not focus on death or even the disease, because who knows? May be I don’t have much time. Therefore, it’d better I enjoy the sunshine on my face when I’m walking. Instead of being worried about gaining weight, it’d better relish the ice cream I’m eating. As well as loving all kind of housework I have to routinely do. As a result for the first time in my whole life, I was aware of the moment. And utterly content with my daily chores.

coronavirus in Iran: How do I pass days?
coronavirus in Iran: How do I pass days?

I said to myself who knows if I get sick by the next day. Then, let’s enjoy the moment. As a result, I could breathe, eat, go out and live again much easier than the first weeks.

Next days, in doing every single thing, I focus on the job. I tried hard to be loyal to Zen habits, enjoy the day like it’s the last one. And I have no more. Consequently, I stopped being blue. I wanted to get the most out of Coronavirus as well as the confinement and I came up with plans.

Running my own projects, participating in virtual classes and reading the books I always wished to read were parts of my plan. I did carry out lots of them though, I was not that much adherent. At least I had been able to find myself in a crisis like that.

What the corona virus is about?

After that, three little happenings made me understand what the corona virus is about.

First was the time friends around the world started to contact with me. Those who haven’t sent a hello for months asked if my family and I are fine. Lucia from Italy, Lionel from France and Christina and Jorge from the United States. Although we are often in touch, this time we talked about the same subject and concern. And by passing days, more friends all over the world wanted to know how I feel and how Iran is handling the virus. Being in the same front and having a mutual matter to worry about, gave me a great sense of togetherness. While in other crisis situations like shooting down the Ukrainian airplane or massive earthquakes, no one sent a message.

Second happened when I was adapting my lifestyle to the Zen’s one! Specialists on TV were warning not to touch and caress neither wild nor domestic animals. However, I didn’t stop caress the pregnant cat that loves lying in front yard. All days, she comes to our garden, has her breakfast, lunch and dinner. She receives her daily dose of kindness by being spoiled and caressed and then she leaves! Once my neighbor took a look in a blaming way and said: “They are all sick, they are virus carrier”. Of course she didn’t wait for my answer. And while I fondled the cat, I whispered no one gets sick by transferring kindness. That is the reality I firmly believe in it.

coronavirus in Iran: How do I pass days?
coronavirus in Iran: How do I pass days?

The third one came when I finally started to read Momma and the Meaning of Life by Irvin D. Yalom. The second story of the book is about Paula and her attitude toward death. When I finished the story, I found the gift behind the coronavirus in Iran. I do insist the presence of the virus in this country because we all are suffering from sanctions and shortage of facilities. At the current situation, the amount of victims could be much more than other countries. In a country like Iran, death for its citizens is closer than anyone could imagine.

Therefore, the virus woke me up to understand that it’s a chance to reconcile with the death. Accepting it as a part of life and getting ready for it on time since it never informs us in advance. Just like Paula says in the book. Anyways, at last, I found out that the coronavirus in Iran is not about death, but about life. It’s about pure life and loving it with all its aspects, whether golden days come along or dark ones.   

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