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About us


Although as the founders of the website, we’ve been journalists for more than a decade, we are not really sure, whether the globetrotting or the journalism more clearly highlights our character. In2iran.com 

Go travelling is still considered to be character-building for everyone. Besides, Iranian journalists have to tour the country. no matter they are financial, political or even literary ones because of the cultural and ethnic diversity across Iran. As a result, we’ve been travelers/journalists since we started to work in journalism. In2iran.com 

Now, that’s the time we share what we have experienced all these years with travel writers, adventurers, social scientists, etc. In2iran.com 

As a result, In2iran.com is not merely a travel website which offers you where to go or what to do during your stay in Iran. This website as a media is supposed to give you useful information according to which you don’t get frustrated or be filled with a sense of loss by culture shock, eccentric habits etc.

Since the international media (or media around the world) is determinate to only act in their own interests, we can do nothing but encourage people around the world to gain their own hands-on experience. So here we go. Don’t miss out on an enjoyable travel experience by just relying only on the media. Bonne voyage!