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Visit the most cultured city in Iran

Isfahan as one of the most cultured cities in Iran is flooded with signs of art, history, traditional artistic industry. People considered it as a creative city of crafts and folk art around the world for its originality from ancient times.

Situated in the south of Tehran, it contains the largest river of the Iranian Plateau in central Iran. An asset thanks to which, Isfahan seems more beautiful and its economy has taken off. However, Isfahan climate condition is mild and dry. In fact since it is in the middle of a desert and mountains, it’s almost hot in the north and the east but cool in the south.

According to findings and remained writings Tahmuras, the mythical king mentioned in Shahnameh founded this city! Even if it is a woo-woo statement, the existence of the city under the Alexander’s attack is proved by facts and evidences. As a result, not only it is an old and historic city, but also this city has been a major province since the Achaemenid Empire. In addition Strabo, a Greek geographer, philosopher and historian named it as the centre of Iran. Besides, it used to be the capital of Persia in the Parthian Empire, the Ziyarid dynasty, the Seljuk Empire as well as the Safavid monarchy!

Excepting the facts mentioned above, Isfahan has been a center for the military and a junction for main roads leading to other cities or countries. Given these points, ex capital of Iran was a town for royal family as well as influential people. It gradually turned into a megalopolis and a metropolis later, when kings of different monarchies had different buildings built.

What about Today ?

The importance of Isfahan was considered in the Middle East for a long time due to its traditional industries and tourism industry. Miniature (illuminated manuscript), painting, making ceramics and rug weaving and Khatam-kari (inlaying) are the main handicrafts in this city. Besides, there are still the traditional methods and instruments for these arts in the city.

Isfahan is the third largest and the third most populated city of Iran after Tehran and Mashhad. Due to having prominent features, it was designated once as Islamic cultural capital in 2006 by ISESCO, it also jointed to the UNESCO creative cities network in 2015 and because of its architectural style and having 6 UNESCO World Heritage Monuments people know it as “the half of Iran” in Iranian culture!

Moreover, there are several sister agreements between this city and other cities in the world included: Xi Anin China, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Florence in Italy, Saint Petersburg in Russia, Iași in Romania, Barcelona in Spain, Yerevan in Armenia, Kuwait City In Kuwait, Freiburg im Breisgau in Germany, Havana, the capital of Cuba, Tokyo, the Capital of Japan….