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Shiraz, the ex-capital of Persia during 3 important monarchies throughout history of Iran included Saffarids, Bojans, Zandis. However, it is now one of the most visited cities by foreign tourists. Shiraz is the 5th most-populous of Iran with about 2 millions of inhabitants.

This city is the centre of Fars province, in the southwest of Iran. This beautiful city takes the advantage of having a mild climate and is near the Zagros Mountains. However, it is extremely hot during summers and a little cold during winters.

Archaeologists of the Metropolitan Museum of New York estimate that Shiraz has been built before the appearance of Islam. Therefore, there are a significant number of historical places and ancient monuments as well as museums to visit.

There are 6 town twinning agreement between Shiraz and other cities in the world included:

Dushanbe in Tajikistan, Nicosia in Cyprus, Chongqing in China, Weimar in Germany, Malacca is a Malaysia and Pécs in Hungary.

Since Shiraz’s geographic situation is privileged, as tourists, you will ride on its wave of rich natural sources and culture. One of these natural sources is gardens which count as a part of famous Persian gardens in Iran. In addition, Shiraz has 118 parks which Azadi Park is the largest. A surprising number of Waterfalls, natural springs and picturesque villages near the city do attract your attention. Some of the best and most attractive ones are: Margoon Waterfall and Maharloo Lake.

Shiraz’s sport facilities

For Shiraz is situated near mountains, there are a numerous of facilities to do different kind of sport such as horse riding, skiing, climbing, cycling, go-karting, snowmobiles & ATVs driving and activities included zip wire, Pedalos so on. Pooladcaf sportive complex is the central core of all these sports where is located 85 kilometer far from Shiraz and people can find their favorite sport yearlong.

How Shiraz is a culture hub?

Since Shiraz has been the major land of great and distinguished poets and authors in Iran, the city is known for its classical literature, its traditional music and its national or purpose-built museums. As a result, it has 11 museums which the most interesting ones are:

Pars Museum (The Pars Museum is a museum in Shiraz, Fars Province, southern Iran and is located in Nazar Garden. In fact, the octagonal building was the place in which royal guests were hosted during the Zand dynasty of Iran)

Natural history and technology museum (Contemporary museum with an airy feel featuring exhibits about natural history & technology.)

And finally Delgosha Museum that is situated in the middle of a very beautiful garden.

Apart from museums, it has a significant number of houses that are definitely worth visiting. In addition, 2 prominent poets, Hafez and Sa’di are from Shiraz and their tombs are so beautiful. We also recommend Other ancient monuments included Narenjestan e Qavaam, Shāh Chérāgh a funerary monument and mosque, Vakil caravansary, Vakil bazaar and Vakil Bath to visit.

Besides, out of Shiraz it exists other UNESCO world heritages which date back to 6th century BC such as Naqsh-e Rustam, an ancient necropolis, Gur City, Pasargadae and Persepolis.


As mentioned above, Shiraz a cultural city. Therefore the best and the most famous souvenirs from this city are objects related to the history of Iran, literature of Iran as well as indigenous culture of Shiraz or the country. As this city is so famous because of the historical monuments and poet’s tombs, you can find small statues everywhere. The creator has made them in diminutive size of the real historical places or well-known people at an attractive price.

If you don’t like monumental architecture, there are other possibilities to act as a memento to remember your trip into Persia, as Shiraz is famous for its arts and crafts and at the same time, counts a major city in producing handcrafts with a top quality such as Gilim, Gabbe, glass-like dishes in enamel and inlaid wooden or coppery objects.

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