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The city of the firsts in Iran

Tabriz is Iran’s third largest city, and the centre of East Azerbaijan province. Specifically during Safavid monarchs, Tabriz was the world’s fourth-largest city, and with Istanbul, it was the capital of the Ottoman Empire. And due to its beautiful nature, unique nuts, and beautiful carpets, this city is highly popular among Iranians. Besides, the archaism of Tabriz dates back to 4 thousand years ago and it used to be the Iranian capital 8 times through different monarchies.

Many of the first things in history of Iran such as the first printer in Iran, the first university in Iran, the first public theater in Iran, the first kindergarten in Iran, the first school for the deaf and dumb in Iran, the first coffee shop in Iran and the first street with electricity were born for the first time in Tabriz.

The city is known as no beggars, underpasses and bridges city, the safest city in Iran, Iran’s healthiest city, the second industrial city of Iran, the second academic city of Iran, the second city with high buildings, the second city in attracting tourists, the hub of car manufacturing and the most important city of car pieces production.

Tabriz’s weather

Tabriz has dry climate with hot summers and cold winters. The safest city in Iran is a mountainous region and that’s why it has such cold winters. During winters, temperature drops, and weather gets cold because of the mountains.

Tabriz has a variety of souvenirs such as original leather products, picture frames, pottery, basket weaving, carpet, stone boards, and vitray (painting on the glass or on the glass dish)

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Former capital of Iran is also known for its variety of good foods, cookies, and pickles. Rahatolholghoom, Rees, Seasame cookies, and Baslyq are the most known ones among delicious sweets, and Koofteh Tabrizi, Bonab Kebab, various local broth, Dolme, and Borani are the most popular among delicious foods.

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Furthermore, Tabriz has various tourist attractions. And we highly recommended you visit the Tabriz grand bazaar. Actually this is the biggest roof bazaar in the whole world that dates back to 400 years ago. Above all, a various number of tourists such as Marco Polo, Jean Chardin, Jean-Baptiste Eugène Napoléon Flandin have visited this bazaar and have mentioned its fruitful activities in their travelogues.

There are also a significant number of historical Mosques in Tabriz which date back to 1400 years ago! Among all these masterpieces, Ali shah Mosque, masjede jame’ Tabriz (the grand Mosque of Tabriz), Masjede kabood (blue Mosque), masjede Ostad va Shagerd (the Mosque of master and student) and the Mosque of Seyed Hamzeh are always considered as must-see monuments.

What about museums?

As many of old and historical building in touristic cities have been turned into museums in Iran, you as a foreign tourist will find this kind of museum-houses everywhere included Tabriz. In fact these building used to belong to a king, prince or maybe a rich man or woman who passed the way many years ago and they haven’t had any heirs to possess that Property. As a result, the government made a plan to officially manage these properties as the tourist attraction centers.

Some of these important places are, khaneye mashroote (Constitution house), the house of Behnam, the house of Lale (tulip), the house of serafelar where is a museum of pottery in Tabriz, the house of Hariri, the house of Amir Nezam Garoosi or known as Qajar Museum, the house of Heidarzade and the house of Sharbat oughli.

Other museums consider quite worthy to visit are shahrdari Museum (Municipal Museum) and Azerbaijan Museum. However, Tabriz has 17 museums which rank this city after Tehran, for having the highest number of museums in Iran.

Meal time!

Finally, concerning the best food in the second city in attracting tourists in Iran, it’s enough to mention that cuisine of the people of Tabriz is highly well-known across the country and it won’t let you down for sure. The most delicious are:

Dash kalam Aashi (a kind of soup with cabbage)

Aashe adas (a kind of soup with Lentils)

Oumaj aash (a kind of soup with local vegetables)

Aashe gouje farangi (a kind of soup with tomato and other spices)

Aashe mive (a kind of soup with fruits)

Shoorba ye tare (a kind of stew with local vegetables)

Dolme barge mou (a very delicious dish with the leaves of grape tree.)

Aashe mast (a kind of soup cooked by yogurt)

Dovimaj (a special dish made by local ingrediants included special bread, cheese, vegetables etc)

Koofte tabrizi (the first and the most important meal of local people)

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